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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Shelterwood For Troubled Teens

Youths are the hope of our nation. Can you just imagine the pain if your teen is one of those who are troubled and needs help? Whether that trouble is caused by drug or alcohol abuse, depression, low-self esteem, family conflict and discord, or any other factors, they are all the same in ruining a person's future.

And when it comes to a therapeutic boarding school that can fully help a troubled teen, consider checking, a place that is ideally suited for teenagers who need therapeutic opportunity that would ultimately help them change their behaviors from the inside out.
At Shelterwood, they are fully equipped in providing individual group, and family therapy along with an accredited school that offers at-risk youth programs. This boarding school is considered to be unique from other ordinary boarding schools because they don't only provide solid educational training, but also helps the youth undergo a life-changing therapeutic interactions as well.
And to top it all, these hurting teens will be molded with true spiritual values and beliefs through God's promises and unfailing love. This is one golden opportunity that will be all worth it in the end, don't you think?

If your teen is one of those that needs help, searching for a therapeutic boarding school is a top priority. That is why Shelterwood is born.
Since it was founded in 1980, it has remained committed to the relationship model of care for troubled and hurting teens, and served more than a thousand families through their at-risk youth programs more than thirty years later.

Used to be located in Branson, MO, Shelterwood is now seated to a beautiful new 200-acres facility close to Missouri River Basin of Independence. It is also licensed as a Residential Child Care Facility through Missouri State's Division of Family Services, a non-profit and faith-based organization.
Because of its state-of-the-art teaching facilities, all teens are ensured to always stay on their task, as well as they feel safe, secure and stimulated while counseling team and mentor staff work along with them.

There is no doubt that as a parent of a troubled teen, your mind will feel at peace as you can see your child transform into a different person where he/she can ultimately find their way through adolescence and would help them reconnect deeper with their family.