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Sunday, June 5, 2011

How to Find Airfare Deals

One most convenient source to find best airfare deals is the internet. Reduced airfares are starting points for many online booking sites. Consider checking, tripadvisor, travelocity, expedia and orbitz.
Consider signing up with sites like which gives you alerts to short-term promotions that can only be booked directly through the airlines.

When some air carriers take on new routes, expect a fare war. Check your airlines for new routes.

Be a twitter follower ;). Airlines do twitt too, like Jetblue, Virgin America and United Airlines which are capitalizing on the trend by tweeting their exclusive deals via the web.

Consider using frequent-flier miles which remains the cheapest way to bump up a class, and there are more opportunities than ever to cash in. Airlines release premium seats 24 hours in advance, so you call the day before your departure.