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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Holiday Trip Tips

Every holiday, most people are getting ready to hit the road to spend time with their families. Be sure you are always totally prepared.

Check your car for any strange sounds, like paying close attention to the brakes (which can squeak) and the steering wheel (which can whine).

During Thanksgiving week, Monday or Tuesday are the best days to travel and can cut down on time spent in traffic. If you're stuck in traffic, preserve your clutch by putting the car in neutral and taking your foot off the clutch to keep it from slipping.

Get a tire gauge to check your tire pressures monthly, especially as temperature drops. If tire pressure is too high, your car can bounce on the road, and if too low, they could overheat which can both cause serious accidents.

Keep your gas full. If you drive with less than a quarter tank of gas, you could start collecting sediment at the bottom of the fuel tank, and even the smallest amount could clog or damage parts, so make sure you always fill up.