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Monday, June 20, 2011

Barbados - More Than a Paradise!

Everyday in Barbados is a celebration, many would say. It's a passion that emanates across this small Caribbean paradise, welcoming all to "Long Live Life."

Blessed with more than 3,000 hours of annual tropical sunshine, it is considered that under this umbrella of golden splendor is how Barbados thrive.
It offers visitors an abundance of unforgettable diversions all embraced in a white ribbon of glimmering sand.

Barbados has a unique blend of West African & Caribbean culture along with its elegant British heritage.

You can spend in here mornings discovering the rich coral treasures hidden under crystal clear waters. You can do tours throughout the bustling streets of Bridgetown then out past tall fields of sugarcane during the midday.

An afternoon detour could be sharing a drink at a rum shop where many locals go. If it's nightlife you want, there's always a party available at Barbados.
Evening dinners can be enjoyed at the restaurants on the Zagat-rated island.