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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hanging Out At The Gas Lamp Quarter


It was still cold when we were in San Diego, CA the entire week but didn't hinder us to go to the Gaslamp Quarter to hang out.
The place is quite cool as a hang out. You won't get bored if you love to shop, or looking for entertainment. I mean party club goers can definitely enjoy the place as there are many clubs that open during the night. I was there at broad daylight, so they were closed! ;)

I can say I would pretty much prefer going during day time since I am not fond of clubbing, but I like shopping! LOL!
It is also a place where you can eat. Lots of them around the place, so you won't be having any problems when you get hungry.

We tried the Old Spaghetti Factory at the 5th Avenue, and they have the best spaghetti ever in San Diego, I must say ;).

Ordering a meal here comes in complete package; - salad, bread, spaghetti entree' beverage and dessert, with a good price!
Watch out! Wear loose clothing when you eat'll have the tendency to pop up, lol.

Oh, and of course a quick shopping in the area was never forgotten. I got some stuff I wanted once again ;).

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Custom & Specialty Flags

For some special occasions where custom flags are needed such as corporate events for advertising, fundraising or just any ordinary event, Discount Custom & Specialty Flags is an ideal place to get them. It's an online one-stop shop for your flag needs which offers you the best quality material made in the USA and has the best prices that are affordable for the budget.

You can also rely on them if you need feather flags for your business or any other important event for that purpose. You can order custom printed designs of your own. The best thing about the quality is that each standard flag are made of 200 denier nylon and is UV resistant that lasts 50-75% longer than any other imported non-UV resistant ink. As many would say, if it's "Made in the USA". it must be good! :)

Here also comes many colorful designs of message flags where you could choose your - "Mix N'Match" colors. You either have to choose your own custom message flags or if you're running out of time, you can choose from a lot of designs on their stocks.
These are all great deals that you don't want to miss, with cheaper prices and yet the products are made of top quality materials. That's the real deal!

Visit To The Queen Mary

March 13, 2011

While in Long Beach, we visited The Queen Mary ship and bought tour tickets for two, which was a self-guided audio tour. We wanted to tour where we could take our time and where we could explore the ship in our own pace with an audio guide.
Part of the tour that was included in our tickets was the "Ghost & Legends Tour" of the Queen Mary which is sort of an interactive show tour with special effects that highlights some of the ship's famous paranormal hotspots as we were guided into the ship's haunted past. The entire tour was an hour and a half. It was actually kind of fun for us because our tour guide would try to scare us at times while walking on the dark alleys, lol!

After the ghost tour, we had the audio tour to visit the entire ship. I found the audio tour a little bit boring later on because we had to do a lot of walking back and forth and the distances are quite far. We even had to use the escalator to go up, but the escalator happened to be not working, so we had to climb it like stairs and it seemed to me it was more than a hundred steps way up high! UGH!
Unfortunately, we didn't finished up that tour, and instead I had to tell my hubby we need to find a food shop because I was starving, lol!
But in fairness, the place has a lot of food shops, so it wasn't hard to find one ;).
There is also a hotel at the ship if you want to take your time in the ship.

I got some achy feet with all the walkings, but I could say it was still fun as an experience.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Green Fundraising

One way of reaching your fundraising goals is to get on fundraising center online such as with Nature's Vision. This is also a good way you can promote environmental awareness that can also help you raise money for environmental causes.
Planning a fundraising ideas for kids is also a good start when you choose Nature's Vision to help you take your fundraising efforts to a new level of success. Best of all, you can create school fundraising ideas that is green fundraising event! That would be the best part about choosing Nature's Vision for all your fundraising needs, making your world and more of the future kids' world a safer place to live in.
With their tools and top quality fundraising products and other programs that they support, they created (and continously creating) an ever expanding network of winning situations where both sellers and buyers can work effectively to improve our world better.

The fundraisers for schools are also one of the most vital aspects of green fundraising because these provide a crucial means for sports teams, teachers, bands, travel funds, etc...
Working together through fundraising can make a big difference in the world, which can enrich minds and strengthen communities. Nature's Vision can provide you the tools you will be proud to use.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Our Catalina Island Experience

March 12, 2o11

We're now on the middle weekend of our 2-week trip in California and now settled here in Long Beach. Since it's the weekend, we planned of going to Catalina Island. It so happened that our hotel was just 5 minutes away from the Catalina Express Ferry Station.
We bought tickets for the 11AM schedule going to Avalon, and took a quick brunch at the ferry terminal canteen since we still had few minutes of waiting.

The ferry trip is one and a half hour before reaching Avalon. This is when you are boarding Catalina Express at downtown Catalina landing in Long Beach, CA.
Once you're in Avalon, you can already see the scenic view around the area. Awesome views!

There are lots of discovery tours that can be done in the island, so if you want to experience all of them, one day isn't enough. Hotels are also in the island, so when you want for a few more days of R & R, you can choose to check on the hotels and the packages before going there. I am not sure if they can accept walk-ins but the island is really busy and can be crowded during peak days.

We signed up for the "Skyline Drive Tour" where we had the bus tour with a narrated journey by the tour driver himself. We were taken into Catalina's protected wilderness area as we ascended ten miles where spectacular vistas, deep canyons, quiet coves, the blue ocean and the exciting part was seeing the island's largest inhabitants at a close range...the buffalos!

This tour lasts 2 hours and 15 minutes and has a bus stop at the Airport in the Sky. This is an old airport that is no longer operating, except that some private planes are still using it. It is here where you can shop at the small shopping store and they have a a food shop too. Restrooms are also available.

After we got back from the tour, we walked around a little bit and we toured some shops as well. There are lots of them in every street, including food shops and other business establishments.
How I wish we could have just spent few days there, but next time is always a good chance! ;).

Friday, June 24, 2011

Paper Mart Bags

Paper Mart online is worth visiting when it comes to various types of fancy bags you can ever imagine of. It is also the most complete packaging store and the largest on the web. So, choices seem like unlimited ;).

I love bags and I collect them too! My husband is a living witness to my collections, lol!
I can see at least more than 2,000 styles of plastic bags in here with various colors and designs. And, oh my God, I am overwhelmed and bookmarked it already. I would definitely be ordering some online for my upcoming Caribbean cruise trip this July. Yey! ;))
They look so fancy and attractive!

The paper bags are colorful as well, and it comes ideal for grocery shopping or just for putting some small stuff for outdoor hangouts that are easy grabs. The prices aren't bad at all, so no big deal on that ;).

I find all those organza bags very cute in their designs. I actually had one like those when I got married as souvenirs. I also use them to store my little pieces of jewelries particularly when I travel. They are actually very helpful and trendy looking too!
They have countless designs and colors. I saw the designs of the ribbon handle Organza bags with bows, and I think they look small but very elegant.

Paper Mart products are not only limited to bags. Check the other items, too.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cheap Personal Checks

If you want to upgrade the designs of your boring checks, you can surely find an expansive selection of personal and business check designs from Extra Value Checks at an affordable price.
These designer checks are not only proven to be of top quality but also produced with the highest standards so they are guaranteed to work with your bank. Did you know you can have as many as more than 500 designs from here?
Checks are designed by theme, regardless of whether they are for personal checks or business checks. I saw some extra value coupons, too! Just check the details on their site. You can even save $5.00 on your checks.

By the way, check ordering online is safe with Extra Value Checks. Rest assured that your financial and personal details are protected with Secure Sockets Layer Technology (SSL).

Also, the prices offered to you the first time you ordered online won't change the next time you re-order, and so with your next succeeding orders. That's quite a good deal, right?
The fact that you save 50% out of what your bank charges you is already a hot deal for savings. Let's think practical nowadays! We can still get things with good quality without compromising our budget. Extra Value Checks is just one of those companies that help many people get their money's worth.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Protective Storage Cabinets

We should be grateful enough that a company such as Durham came into business since 1922 which became one of the top leading producers of heavy duty material storages such as steel storage cabinets.

So, when somebody would think about shelves, organization of maintenance of products, packaging, workstations and any idea about storages, one would always think of Durham products which make them highly recommendable.

There are top quality products ideal for heavy duty material handling equipment that can serve as a good industrial storage, with full protection features built with sturdy construction.

The industrial cabinets also serve to protect your valuable equipments and materials from any extreme hazards such as fire. Check the new products of flammable safety cabinets as well.

We are lucky enough to have these types of products that are from Durham which are highly in demand nowadays because of the top quality protection they can give you and the durability of materials that come with them.
We don't need to worry about where to store our important documents and/or equipments vital to us when it comes to safety, because when the fury of nature strikes, we would be confident that Durham Manufacturing products are totally reliable for people's safety needs.

Holiday Trip Tips

Every holiday, most people are getting ready to hit the road to spend time with their families. Be sure you are always totally prepared.

Check your car for any strange sounds, like paying close attention to the brakes (which can squeak) and the steering wheel (which can whine).

During Thanksgiving week, Monday or Tuesday are the best days to travel and can cut down on time spent in traffic. If you're stuck in traffic, preserve your clutch by putting the car in neutral and taking your foot off the clutch to keep it from slipping.

Get a tire gauge to check your tire pressures monthly, especially as temperature drops. If tire pressure is too high, your car can bounce on the road, and if too low, they could overheat which can both cause serious accidents.

Keep your gas full. If you drive with less than a quarter tank of gas, you could start collecting sediment at the bottom of the fuel tank, and even the smallest amount could clog or damage parts, so make sure you always fill up.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Managing Joint Pain & Allergies

One of the most disgusting feeling to have if you love to eat, is if you get food allergies to your favorite foods.
I always see many small kids affected by this. For some adults, they just have to rely on taking antihistamines, but until how long would that be? You don't want your body to get used to drugs your entire life, do you? Those pills are not actually treating the syndrome, but only relieving it.

Have you heard about Histame? This is a dietary supplement that can actually regulate histamine levels in the body by replenishing the body's digestive enzyme Diamine Oxidase. Check it out and take it from there.

On the other hand, arthritis and join pain can be unbearable if left untreated. Today, not only old people are having it but young people as well. There are a lot of drugs being used to treat this disease, but your tendency to swallow a lot of pills for arthritis pain relief would be lessened by taking nutritional supplements and eating healthy foods.

Have you heard about Naturally Vitamins online? Take some time to check some nutritional supplement products they have at an affordable costs. They are health food products that are safe and don't have side effects.

Stay Healthy While Traveling Abroad

Whether you're on vacation, planning to study abroad, conducting business, travel means it includes special health considerations, such as knowing the types of vaccinations you need, when to get them and knowing if you need the protection against malaria.
It's also good to undergo preventive health counseling, and having prescription medications and immunizations to reduce risk of illness while abroad.

Seek help from medical experts on where to get individual risk assessments based on your health, travel itineraries and anticipated activities.

Also try to schedule travel medicine consultations well in advance of your trip, at least 4-6 weeks in advance. It's because some vaccines must be given in a series over several days or even weeks.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Reveal Medspa Services

There is nothing wrong with enhanced beauty, I believe. It is because many women (and even men too) feel more confident in this customized approach of beauty enhancement, where they can really appreciate their real them.

That is why Reveal Medspa is here. It is considered to be the most trusted provider of customized medical aesthetic service in the Washington DC area.
They have packages and promotions which can help you get greater savings for skin care treatments such as Melasma. Every client will be treated through a one-on-one skin analysis by which a customized skin care program will be recommended to achieve optimum results.

Acne scars can also be treated at Reveal with several choices of treatment depending on your skin problem condition.
But whether you only need skin care treatment, hair removal, laser lipo, rejuvenations, botox, and much more, there is always a recommended treatment for you.

Every treatment has its own customized program as well and well equipped with highly trained medical staff with years of expertise and training. This is to ensure customers that they would look and feel their best after the treatment.
There is no doubt, they are experts at designing customized treatment programs with more than 325,000 procedures already performed, to achieve results that are essential to their customers.

Barbados - More Than a Paradise!

Everyday in Barbados is a celebration, many would say. It's a passion that emanates across this small Caribbean paradise, welcoming all to "Long Live Life."

Blessed with more than 3,000 hours of annual tropical sunshine, it is considered that under this umbrella of golden splendor is how Barbados thrive.
It offers visitors an abundance of unforgettable diversions all embraced in a white ribbon of glimmering sand.

Barbados has a unique blend of West African & Caribbean culture along with its elegant British heritage.

You can spend in here mornings discovering the rich coral treasures hidden under crystal clear waters. You can do tours throughout the bustling streets of Bridgetown then out past tall fields of sugarcane during the midday.

An afternoon detour could be sharing a drink at a rum shop where many locals go. If it's nightlife you want, there's always a party available at Barbados.
Evening dinners can be enjoyed at the restaurants on the Zagat-rated island.

Top Quality Coffee Makers

One good thing about Bunn is that for more than 35 years of experience, they continue to strive with great consistency in designing and manufacturing innovations in home coffee brewers and commercial beverage equipments.

With so many consumers who continue to trust them in using a bunn home coffee maker, there is no doubt that they are as well creating one of the best drip coffee maker among their coffee brewer products nowadays.

If you are not familiar yet about a bunn home coffee maker, is the right place to check it. Check the 3 main brewers;-the phase brew, the velocity brew and the single serve, after which you can also choose which one is right for you that can suit your daily lifestyle.
I am sure every coffee lover would always be interested to visit Bunn products online.

You can also check on the interactive product demos of the 3 distinct coffee brewer models you want to see, and you can even learn more tricks and tips on brewing your coffee, check the brew chart and other interesting information about how you can have that perfect cup every morning.

Still unconvinced? Read more about why Bunn products brew better and you will be surprised to discover some simple facts you don't probably even know yet until you've read all the information.

Cayman Islands - Loads of Fun!

There are lot of things to do and discover at Cayman Islands.
If you love scuba diving, try Stingray City, a famous shallow dive site off Grand Cayman where you can swim with stingrays, or you can go snorkel tour to Stingray City Sandbar. There are 250 dive sites found in Grand Cayman alone, just imagine!'s unlimited fun for scuba divers ;).
You can also enjoy parasailing, kayaking, fishing or water skiing.

On land, visit Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park,-a 65-acre wonderland showcasing variety of trees, flowers and wildlife.

Fine jewelries, watches, perfumes, European fashions and more can be enjoyed at excellent values at duty-free shops on Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac. Local crafts are also seen along with Cayman food specialties at Cayman Craft Market and The Farmer's Market Cooperative on Grand Cayman.

Try Casa Havana that offers specialties inspired by Cuba & SOuth American cuisines. The Wharf offers Caribbean and international specialties; while Luca is commonly known for fresh Italian-inspired cuisine.
These restaurants are located along Grand Cayman's magnificent Seven Mile Beach.

Where to Party:
Go to Kaibo Bar & Grill at Grand Cayman's north shore and dance to live music every Tuesday nights. Ports of Call Bar at The Wharf offers free salsa lessons every Tuesday night as well.

Calico Jack's is a casula beach bar ideal for dishes at sunset.

Pool Filters

Have you heard about pool filters? For those who have home pools, I'm sure they are so familiar with them. So, what does pool filter do anyway? They are cleaners, filtering all dirt, body oils, and dead bacteria in the pool. They are also sanitizers that kill bacteria in the pool, and they are an effective clarifier as well.
It is vital that every swimming pool should have pool filters.

Check these above ground pool filters from Spa-Daddy online, a private company organized in Michigan that offers high quality and yet low cost spa and pool products.

It is also important that your pool has always a pool filter replacement cartridge as a back up. Don't wait until you need one on that day you need it because it might bee too late to get a more affordable one, and it is also be always good to be on the safe side when you know you are ready for a pool party without any pool malfunctions, isn't it?

If you have master Spa at home or those with later models, better yet check them if it's time to buy a new replacement spa filter.
When choosing any pool filter or spa filter products, be sure that you will be getting the correct size of your filter.
Make sure to follow the filter measuring tips provided on the website, as well as be aware on what model do you have, to avoid a mismatch when your order arrives.

Aside from pool filters, don't forget to check on other pool chemicals and supplies as well.
All products are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Credit Card Processing

For many small business owners, it couldn't be denied that there are still many merchant services credit card processing providers out there who take advantage of them by slapping them with high minimum payments and hidden fees.
I'm sure many business owners are aware of this which is why some businesses are closing and declaring bankruptcy instead of succeeding.

But as many would say, retail business can be unforgiving. And although that's the case, you can still learn to overcome the obstacles and learn better.
Getting into business is always a risk, but with careful planning and weighing the pros and cons very carefully as well as choosing the right merchant solution are one of the valuable steps to consider to help your business to succeed.

Better yet check Merchant Perfect when considering merchant services. In small businesses, the most critical consideration to focus upon would be the terms and fees. You should be aware that many merchant account providers can burden you with high monthly minimums and sliding rates plus hidden rates.

But here is a good news, though!
Merchant Perfect offers its customers credit card processing services at prices that small businesses can afford. The other good thing is that there is no application fee nor set-up fee involved once you apply online.
They even offer you same-ay approval.
Start opening a free account today, and a 24/7 toll-free support will ensure that you will be guided along the way when you need to.

Romantic Weekend Getaway-Berkeley Springs!

The town of Berkeley Springs in West Virginia was then known as the town of Bath since the year 1750, when Pres. George Washington took his brother Laurence to take in the warm mineral waters in the springs. Since then, many people had been going back to Berkeley Springs that they believe as the "healing waters."

Nowadays, it has become as a place with several spas, and dozens of owner-operated shops and restaurants, making it an all-encompassing weekend getaway you could ever experience. Due to a combination of relaxing spas and the small-town atmosphere, it makes it perfect for a romantic weekend getaway.

Berkeley Springs is also unique because of the various activities available for the weekender. It is located in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia directly south of Hancock.

Recommended things to do in Berkeley Springs:
  • Try the Roman Bath at the Berkeley Springs State Park which are the "original spas." The park has 9 individual 750 gallon tubs with walk-in chambers.

  • Get a meal at Lot 12Public House, a place where Berkeley Springs native chef Damian Heath, who was a semi-finalist for the southeast region's best chef by the James Beard Foundation.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Online Beauty Supply Store

If you are a beauty shop owner and currently looking for products that are budget-friendly and yet high quality products, perhaps, you might want to check Lee Beauty online or visit for more options.
This online beauty store is not only limited to beauty salon business owners but also for customers who want to buy their beauty tools or hair accessories for their personal use.

Don't forget to check remy hair extentions, - you can get these items with as much as 50% of savings!
You can check other hair extension products as well along with a lot of hair styles that you need for your shop, or for your personal style use. This is really the place where you can get cheap hair extensions, trusted by many professional hair experts and stylists.

In today's economic situation, business can be tough to handle because most prices are all sky-rocketing!
Aren't you glad you have finally found a beauty supply outlet online where you can save a lot?
This is the right place for you to visit where you can see unbeatable prices and when it comes to getting your hair products and accessories.

If you are a beauty shop business owner, you wouldn't regret buying your products here.
I should say, it's just practically wise to do it because it means business should always do good as well ;).

Weekender Trip at Washington DC

I have been to DC several times, but honestly, there are still many places that I haven't been to. I must agree to the fact that the nation's capital is really worthy of a full-out stay-there vacation!

In northwest of DC, try visiting Kreeger Museum that offers a wide selection of art from various artists including Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet, etc...

Another lesser known attraction is the Wolly Mammoth Theater Company, a playhouse known for developing new works.

You can also extend your stay and try getting a true presidential feel and set up shop at the Hay-Adams Hotel, just located across the street from the White House! This luxurious hotel has been noted Most Excellent Hotel in the U.S. and Canada by Conde' Nast.

Women's Health

When it comes to health, most women consider it a top priority,-the reason why Healthwomen (HW) is created that helps many women and mother out there in managing their health.

Healthywomen is a nonprofit organization and is a resourceful health information source online for women. It is here where women have been coming to for answering their questions about personal health care questions including pregnancy information for mothers.

And speaking about parenting and pregnancy, a pregnancy advice is so much of a great help from the site, and particularly a big help to those first-time moms, as well as those mothers with multiple kids.

There are a lot of information we need to know and learn when it comes to womens health, from being a future mom to motherhood, until the midlife and beyond. is actually an award-winning website which is a site solely dedicated to women's health and even recognized nationally as a go-to-source for trustworthy health information for women.
No need to wonder why because it has earned the trust of many consumers and even health care providers as well as nonprofit and corporate partners and the media.
So, I believe, being a woman, in order to be healthy should be well-informed and being empowered.

A Scenic Underground Cave

One of the best nature pick to choose for summer destination! - Penn's Cave, Pennsylvania!
Instead of hiking a mountain to experience Pennsylvania's natural beauty, why not try a trip underground?

Penn's cave is the country's only all-water cavern and wildlife park located in scenic central Pennsylvania. There is a one-hour tour of the underground stream through a flat-bottom motorboat that glides through the stunning formations in Penn's cave, revealing stalagmites, stalactites and flow stone cascades and draperies that have been formed by dripping water more than thousands of years.
Make sure to wear your jackets as the temperature inside the cave is 52F all year round.

You can also take a 90-minutes guided bus tour above ground that surrounds pastures and mountain trails.
Penn's cave has a 1,500 acres of forest that have been preserved as a natural habitat for birds and mammals, including the white-tailed deer, elk and mountain lion.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Business Card Printers

When it comes to a superior quality online business printing service, it must be good! And how would you like a printing service that is not only considered as high quality but also at an incredibly low price? Quite a good deal, right?

Print Early covers all things a customer would be looking for. If you are currently searching for a cheap brochure printing for example, check the samples from Print Early and choose from hundreds of designs! They are also available in many popular sizes and folding options.

Many out there still use business cards even today. It's also here where you can find a cheap business card printing in full color with three various coatings to choose from.
A cheap postcard printing is available as well.

Take note that all products can either be printed in house or green paper. If you want green printing, just check it with their pricing calculator on the right side of the screen, choose the paper with Go Green and your items will be printed on green paper with no extra charge.

Print Early is one of the greenest printers in the US today that uses soy-based inks and with state-of-the-art recycled paper choices and hi-fidelity color printing.

Mohegan Sun @ Pocono Downs, PA

I don't frequent casinos, but I have been once at one in Vegas, and one at Hollywood Casino here in MD :).
But this one could be your splurge pick as an entertainment spot, - a classy casino in the Pocono Mountains. The casino offers 2,500 slot machines ranging from a penny to $100. It continues to expand with racing, restaurants and shops.

The casino is open 24 hours a day, and be sure to take some time off to spend your lucky money you've made at Pearl Sushi Bar or at Ruth's Christ Steakhouse ;).
Pearl Sushi Bar offers large selection of flavored martinis.

Many hotels also surround the area that offer free shuttle services to the casino.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Military Auctions

If you are looking for a top quality auction and realty services online, is the right place for you.
Affiliated Auctions & Realty is a company that specializes in buying and selling various items such as jewelries, coins, real estate and even military auctions.
If you are searching for the best military auctions online or if you are interested in selling antique firearms at a gun auction, Affiliated Auctions can assist you with it.

This company is obviously more than an auction site because of their huge list of various items and services that they offer, unlike any ordinary gun auction sites that only focus on one limited service.
The company is an established auction house, buyer and reseller and has an unparalleled knowledge, experience, capabilities and marketing to help you maximize your return.

Affiliated Auctions has proven its extensive experience when it comes to military auctions because they focus on a personalized service to customers as they reach out to them directly.
Don't forget to check on their military surplus auctions online for the complete schedules and venues as well.

The company also accepts consignments, so if you are interested to consign, visit them online through their gallery or contact them at 1-850-445-9378.
Rest assured that should you decide to do business with them, you will be given the very best service and expertise.

Summer Destination For Sports - Flushing Meadows, NY

Any sports enthusiast can be allured of New York's venues. Baseball fans can now choose from two new, state-of-the-art stadiums and basketball fans can take in a game at historic Madison Square Garden.

Each September, tennis fans flock at Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows for the most significant tennis tournaments of the season.
The US open is being held August 31-September 13, one of the four grand slam events in tennis which provides a perfect opportunity for an end-of summer trip to the Big Apple.

The main court is located in the 24,000-seat Arthur Ashe Stadium, which is also lit allowing for action to take place after the sun sets.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Magnum Boots

Are you looking for the toughest tactical boots ever? You might want to check, a well established Magnum footwear in the US and their products are highly recommended and demanded by the FBI due to the quality of boots when it comes to durability, performance and comfort.
The boots are exclusively built for the urban battlefield, technically proven and field tested whether you are in combat for military operations, a mountain trekker, or any tough jobs that you are into, the technical advantages are absolutely excellent and provide ultimate comfort as well.

Magnum boots are one of the police equipment needs of today since it is designed in the field usually being used by the best tactical operators not only in the US but in the whole world.

For those who are involved in risky environmental jobs, there are also shoes made for them such as non slip shoes that will keep them working without putting them at risk. These are safety boots you can trust with the options that workers can rely on daily while on their tough jobs without compromising on durability and comfort.

One good thing about the company is that they have field testers where they are allowed to share their experiences wearing their products, as well as suggestions from consumers that help the company create even better products.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How & When To Visit An Art Gallery

The great place to start enjoying art is in the art gallery.

Before the visit, try your research about art galleries that showcase your best interest. The best art scenes usually are in the cities of New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, although don't stop looking as there are still many excellent galleries out in major cities.
Most galleries change their shows every 6-8 weeks, so keep going back as new arts are updated.

Time it right when to visit galleries. Most of them are typically open from Tuesday-Saturday. If you prefer to visit in a more peaceful setting, avoid the weekends since they are the busiest. Plan to visit during weekdays. It's also fun to go to a gallery don't usually need to be invited to attend.

Get the habit of making your own feedbakcs from any gallery's art works. Do a lap around the room, look and evaluate the art yourself. It's essential to know what an artist is saying on the art itself, but it's equally important to have your own experience of the work.

It's perfectly fine to ask questions about the art work from the artists or from the gallery personnel if they are around.
Remember: Everyone has to start their art education somewhere :).

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Shelterwood For Troubled Teens

Youths are the hope of our nation. Can you just imagine the pain if your teen is one of those who are troubled and needs help? Whether that trouble is caused by drug or alcohol abuse, depression, low-self esteem, family conflict and discord, or any other factors, they are all the same in ruining a person's future.

And when it comes to a therapeutic boarding school that can fully help a troubled teen, consider checking, a place that is ideally suited for teenagers who need therapeutic opportunity that would ultimately help them change their behaviors from the inside out.
At Shelterwood, they are fully equipped in providing individual group, and family therapy along with an accredited school that offers at-risk youth programs. This boarding school is considered to be unique from other ordinary boarding schools because they don't only provide solid educational training, but also helps the youth undergo a life-changing therapeutic interactions as well.
And to top it all, these hurting teens will be molded with true spiritual values and beliefs through God's promises and unfailing love. This is one golden opportunity that will be all worth it in the end, don't you think?

If your teen is one of those that needs help, searching for a therapeutic boarding school is a top priority. That is why Shelterwood is born.
Since it was founded in 1980, it has remained committed to the relationship model of care for troubled and hurting teens, and served more than a thousand families through their at-risk youth programs more than thirty years later.

Used to be located in Branson, MO, Shelterwood is now seated to a beautiful new 200-acres facility close to Missouri River Basin of Independence. It is also licensed as a Residential Child Care Facility through Missouri State's Division of Family Services, a non-profit and faith-based organization.
Because of its state-of-the-art teaching facilities, all teens are ensured to always stay on their task, as well as they feel safe, secure and stimulated while counseling team and mentor staff work along with them.

There is no doubt that as a parent of a troubled teen, your mind will feel at peace as you can see your child transform into a different person where he/she can ultimately find their way through adolescence and would help them reconnect deeper with their family.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Summer Destination - Lewes, Delaware

Lewes, DE has so much to offer summer travelers, - pristine beaches, chic boutiques, upscale eateries, outdoor activities.
The town of Lewes is home to the 5,000-acre Cape Henlopen State Park that has 2 swimming beaches, nature trails and a fishing pier.
It is filled with cedar-paneled beach cottages and historic houses, - and the town is also called "the first town in the first state." It's Delaware's "Saltiest Town" which has reinvented itself as a tourist destination.

Here are 5 things to do in Lewes if you're in town:
  • Take a walk in Cape Henlopen State Park and climb to the top of the World War II observation tower that offers panoramic views of the coast and park.
  • You can go fishing at one of the bays in and around the town or take a ride on a chartered boat.
  • Take a tour of historic houses in Lewes. Guides are available at Lewes Historical Society.
  • Stroll along Roosevelt Inlet and look for shipwreck remains from a 1700's-era wreck occasionally wash up on the shore.
  • Visit farmer's market on Shipcarpenter Street on Saturday mornings. The market also boasts produce, cookies, bread and other baked goodies.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Web Conferencing Service

If your company needs a more collaborative experience, you might want to check The Conference Group online which offers full range of audio teleconference and Web conferencing services. This group has been in business since 1999, with a goal that focuses on quality customer service, which ultimately has resulted in a high degree of customer satisfaction.

With the changing face of the business world that continues to demand better forms of communication, the Web conference has opened its doors to various companies for a better, faster and more sophisticated method of communication between employees and clients no matter where their locations are.
It's so amazing that as years go by, communication technologies are always getting better and better!

The Conference Group has also a Readyshow web conferencing service that would enable clients to fully customize their experience as well as enabling them to choose the features they need to make meetings more effective.
Meeting attendees can also be able to log on and get to experience a live and ready access to documents referenced during a call. This unique feature controls can also be controlled by meeting leaders such as things like poll taking and document sharing.
The Conference Group delivers more than just web Conference calls. Don't forget to check on other services they offer such as audio and video conferencing as well.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

European Train Travel 101

Riding the trails is the best alternative to air travel not only because it's cheaper, but also practical, romantic and a great chance to take the scenery up close. It is also easier on the environment, plus you avoid the hassles of security line delays at the airport, etc...

Your tickets to ride: - specializes in selling single tickets as well as all of the major multi trip passes.

BritRail Passes (from $259 for 4 days) - are the only option available to North Americans for an unlimited travel throughout Britain. (Snag this before your trip - they're not sold in U.K.)

Eurail Passes - include Global Pass (from $744 for the 15-day first class option) and valid in 20 countries. For lesser and shorter itineraries, there's the Eurail Select Pass good for 3-5 adjoining countries. Whichever you choose, buy it here. Buying it in Europe will be 20% more expensive.

First class tickets cost about 50% more than 2nd class. That typically buys a reclining seat, a meal, bigger space for luggage and a quiet train car.
Second class ticket is fine if your trip is only a few hours.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

MR Direct Sinks & Faucets

If your kitchen sink needs upgrading, a stainless steel kitchen sink would be ideal because of its clean look and durability. No wonder why many prefers the stainless steel for today's kitchens.

My kitchen sinks don't need any remodeling right now, but MR Direct would be worth recommending to some friends who might be needing stainless steel kitchen sinks for their home in the future.

Gratuity Standards Around The World

In most of Europe, Australia, Japan and other countries where leaving a large amount of tip is uncommon, servers are paid a living wage.
But in the US, base pay for waiters averages at $4. per hour, so tipping is vital to their livelihood.
The rule of thumb before traveling to certain places is to research the tipping customs of the place you are going before you leave.

A cheat sheet below can help you the next time you travel out of the country.

US and Canada:
Server: - at least 15% minimum before tax, including cost of drinks; if good service, 18-20%
Bartender: - 15-20% of the tab; $1. for a beer or wine and $2. for mixed drinks.

Caribbean/Bahamas and Mexico:
Server: - 10-15% in Mexico; the same in caribbean and Bahamas but often is already included in the bill.
Bartender: - 10% in Mexico; 10-15% in Caribbean and Bahamas.

South America:
Server: - 10% across the board. In Brazil, service charge is often included.
Bartender: - $1. per drink; 10% in Brazil (often included).

Server: - it is acceptable to leave an additional 5-15% although it is already included in the bill because wages are higher; Not expected in Scandinivian countries.
Bartender: - if service is included, it's acceptable to give an extra 5%, otherwise, 5-10%.

Middle East & Africa:
Server: - 10-15% (often included)
Bartender: $1 per drink.

Server: - not expected in Japan; up to $1.50 in some parts of China; 10% in India (often included).
Bartender: not expected, but some leave small change.

Australia and New Zealand:
Server: - not expected, but 5-10% for outstanding service.
Bartender: - not expected.

Other Services:
For special services, tip extra such as spending time on your wine selection (+ 10% of the wine's cost) or getting a choice table ($10-20). These are seldom expected outside the US.

Parking valet: - $2-$5. (Tip up front for a better service.)
Coat Check: - $1 per item is acceptable, and $2 would be better. In Asia, no tip is necessary.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Designer Sunglasses Online

If you love to wear or collect designer sunglasses, check these top designer sunglasses from where you can get them at an affordable prices. You will also find all kinds of glasses such as for sports, reading, driving and other glasses for your daily activities.
All products are 100% authentic and brand new, plus you can shop online securely at your utmost convenience.

Check the Gucci Sunglasses and choose from everyday use to sleek logo frames that would compliment every outfit of yours. (I love Gucci products!)
You can also get to choose trendy and fashionable styles that make it more attractive for you to wear.

Dior Sunglasses are also available that ranges from simple and understated styles to the perfect complement for those want to make a fashion statement!

If you are into sports that demand superior eye protection in extreme conditions. Costa Del Mar Sunglasses are the ideal ones to use. Costa Del Mar glasses are well-designed and mostly preferred by many athletes, explorers and even celebrities that love to trek the outdoor adventures. These are built to last, so if you want durability full of superior style, these products are the best choices.

Popular Glasses only sells genuine products and no replicas or imitations! The only difference would be the price, which means lots of savings when you choose to shop from them online.

Travel Tips to Save Time & Money

If you travel a lot, perhaps by now you're already learning the best tricks on spending less on airfare or skipping a long check-in line ;).

Flexibility can make all the difference when it comes to finding a great rate. Choose your destination as you search for deals from your home airport. Site such as might help which can let you look for reduced airfares.

You can pay less for an upgrade with a Y-up economy class fare. You will spend about the same amount for a full-fare coach ticket, but be automatically upgraded to first class upon checking in.
Take note though that Y-up fares are not available on all flights (never for an international trip) and can be expensive, highly restricted or impossible. Book thru a travel agent or use the Y-up tool at

Tuesday, Wednesdays or Saturdays are the best days to travel where congestion at the counter and dt security are less. On other days, choose early morning flights as the best option.

You can always request an upgrade when booking a coach ticket, then check in at the business class counter at the airport to see if the upgrade went through. Even if it isn't there, you can still check in there and avoid long economy lines.

When searching for hotels, combine your online research with direct bookings and find the best rates on sites like or You can possibly get reduced internet rate, as well as personalized service that comes with booking directly.

Don't pay extra for web access. If your hotel offers free wi-fi like the lobby or public area, don't bother shelling out $20 daily.

If you're going for an out of the country trip, as your bank for no-fee partners and if there are free overseas cash-machine locations. ATM fees overseas can be high and expensive.

If you're traveling long distance between major cities, consider an overnight sleeper car such as the train. You will save on airfare and hotel costs.

Mold Testing

Don't risk your home from mold contamination. Toxic mold can be an environmental health threat that usually goes undetected until it starts to do the real damage. So, if you think your home is exposed to mold contamination, don't ignore the problem which can only lead to a worst disaster. It doesn't only destroy your home, but also your entire family's health.

And when it comes to mold experts, trust Immunolytics, an authoritative mycology lab highly trusted by many environmental specialist experts. At Immunolytics, you can have a Mold detector kit that can help you determine what you are dealing with, and if it is really in fact mold that is causing the problem. This is an important instrument to determine if your environment or your home is polluted by mold that can cause illness.

Mold test kits are also available which are quick and easy to use in testing for toxic molds. You don't need to be an expert to use a mold test kit because each kit comes with a professional mold analysis and an expert consultation and also includes a full-color online report with every order. The kit also has a phone conference provided for free with the environmental expert to discuss further and analyze any mold problems you have and to treat your home mold-free!

Test for mold can be done simply and quickly and so you don't need to think and worry about complicated processing. An instruction sheet is already included with your mold test kit, so all you need to do is follow the step instructions the easy way.

Packing For Summer Getaway?

As much as possible, avoid the packed-too-much or packed-too-little nightmare by using the Mix and Match test by Erin Bried (author of How to Sew a Button and Other Nifty Things Your Grandmother Knew:).

Try to pack every piece of clothing you choose that perfectly works with at least two outfits. If you have a brightly patterned top that can only match one bottom, better yet leave it at home, said Bried.

Add accessories like necklace and scarf, and you will be ready for any event.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Trees From Willis Orchard Company

If there is an orchard company that offers friendly and excellent service to its customers, it would be Willis Orchard Company. They offer high quality of trees, whether fruit, flowering trees, shade, palm and nut trees.
Every product that they offer comes with a "friendly guarantee", one commitment that they extend to every customer who is looking for high quality plant trees.

If you need shade or ornamental trees for your property, try checking some fine selection of bamboo plants. Who isn't familiar with bamboos? It has already been commonly seen and used since pre-recorded history, often seen in tropical countries, and some can also be seen in cooler climates, and in the last ten years, they became popular as landscape plants in the US.

There are also some fine selection of fruit trees from Willis Orchard. It is still a best choice when you can always taste fruit juices made fresh directly from your orchard or backyard. Besides, I believe it is much more healthy drinking your fruit tree products made from preservative-free ingredients.

And speaking of having a healthy lifestyle with your fruit tree products, many apple trees can do a lot of health benefits in your property, if you try to plant them together. Of course, it needs a lot of consideration in understanding a particular climate environment to check if apple trees can grow successfully in a certain area, but once everything goes on okay, all struggles are worth the effort.
Can you just imagine what apples can do to our health once you have them in your backyard? They can protect you from many illnesses and even from cancer! So, think about it.

You should feel lucky enough if you own an orchard where you can plant fruit trees that can help you not only financially but physically ;).

Cool Designs at Blue Sky Scrubs

Did you know that even medical and nursing uniforms nowadays are becoming trendy and fashionable? Some might find it impossible to believe because most of them buy their scrubs at their regular stores which sell mostly plain and boring colors. No offense meant for the actual stores that sell scrubs, but there is still a difference when you shop online ;).

If you want to have and experience cool designs, why not buy medical scrubs online? All uniforms are designed for both men and women, and even kids too!

You can even choose to buy your complete set of hospital uniforms from scrub hats to shirts and jackets, medical coats or even custom scrubs. Your custom scrubs can be your own design, so you can even look more flattering and stylish.

Check the link, - to see more of them. Don't forget to check the sale items as well to save money.

Making The Best Out of Economy Seats

Choosing an economy seat on the plane can be uncomfortable, but convenient on the pocket. Yet, there are ways to ensure a more comfortable flight.

Not all airlines are created equally. Check to find out how they stack-up and ranks airlines, long and short-haul flights in first, business and economy classes based on seat comfort, meal quality, bathroom cleanliness, etc...

Visit if you are looking for extra legroom or want to avoid seats with limited recline. Seatguru shows graphic cabin layouts for more than 85 airlines, so it's convenient for you to see and pick the spot you want before booking.

Choose an off-peak flight like midweek, preferably at midday to get your chance of getting an emptier plane. Weekend flights tend to be more crowded.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

How to Find Airfare Deals

One most convenient source to find best airfare deals is the internet. Reduced airfares are starting points for many online booking sites. Consider checking, tripadvisor, travelocity, expedia and orbitz.
Consider signing up with sites like which gives you alerts to short-term promotions that can only be booked directly through the airlines.

When some air carriers take on new routes, expect a fare war. Check your airlines for new routes.

Be a twitter follower ;). Airlines do twitt too, like Jetblue, Virgin America and United Airlines which are capitalizing on the trend by tweeting their exclusive deals via the web.

Consider using frequent-flier miles which remains the cheapest way to bump up a class, and there are more opportunities than ever to cash in. Airlines release premium seats 24 hours in advance, so you call the day before your departure.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Affordable Home Security & Satellite TV Services

Whether for home or business security, why not consider checking ADT's security option packages today? It is always of utmost importance to secure our home particularly if we are away for a vacation or out of town transactions, as well as security both in and out of your business establishment should be considered.

If you are planning to set up security system somewhere in Choteau, MT better yet check ADT's home security choteau and get a free security consultation when you call them today. You can get a complete security system for free when you meet the requirements with plans starting for as low as $35.99/mo.

Are you also in need of affordable local TV satellite service? I am sure you are familiar with DirecTV, right? You can check their most recent promo offers at
You can also get your free directv quote online instantly! Better yet act today to avail of the free installation!

Stretching Your Dollar While in Europe

When it comes to saving your money while in Europe, you can mitigate the pain of the current exchange rate without compromising your ultimate trip. You might want to check on these 6-step plan to make your trip worthwhile.

  1. The best way to get your local currency is through cash machines as long as you can handle the exorbitant fees! Check your bank before leaving home.

  2. Find your bank's local partner as many of them now work with partners abroad and allow customers to take out money at no charge.

  3. Make fewer exchanges in larger increments. Currency exchange kiosks such as Travelex (located at most airports) provide a lower service fee for larger transactions.

  4. Using your credit card abroad can guarantee you the lowest exchange rate and protects you from unauthorized charges. Consider using your card if you're doing major purchases.

  5. Transportation expenses should be minimized. Consider car-rental that rates in dollars such as Also check

  6. Watch out for dynamic currency conversion. It's always much safer when you consider using the local currency when buying.

Printing Made Easy

There is no doubt that a custom printing service is so far, the best when it comes to convenience, because of the fact that it is quick, easy and affordable.
And when it comes to budget-friendly prices, with high quality made banners, signs and other online printing products, you wouldn't regret when you will order your printing needs at This online custom printing superstore is one of America's best because customers are guaranteed with good quality results.

If you are looking for gifts, Custom Gift Cards are ideal. By the way, Father's Day is approaching, so you might want to get some unique presents for your father too! ;)

My1stop can also help you find the right kind of Custom Labels that you need, whether for your business or just for personal use. These are also good as gifts as there are a lot of products to choose from. It can be great for students, business-oriented people, etc...
You can as well get to choose the right printing of your choice with the corresponding instant online price for your chosen labels. Fast and easy, right?

Custom Printing done online actually takes no hassles at all since all pricing are done instantly online, and you can get your quote on your online printing products right away.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

El Dorado Water Park-Iloilo

This water park is great for kids, located at Smallville, a popular entertainment and dining center of Iloilo. It is popular as a daytime attraction for those who want to spend fun and refreshing moments with friends or families, and a nice spot to cool down from the sun's scorching heat.

The South American legend-inspired designs of the pool and the poolside are also attractive. When you're in Iloilo City, this is where you can see the city's premier pool resort.

El Dorado Waterpark is part of the MO2 complex, adjacent to Westown Hotel and becoming to be one of the most visited water parks in the city.

You pay a 100Php (pesos) entrance fee per head, but you can also bring your own food too if you wish. You can as well spend a night or two here with their fine poolside rooms available.
Room rates are only available when you contact them at (033) 5095678/3202225/508-1234; 0r (+63)928-502-9585 or email at: