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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Western Maryland Scenic Railroad Tour

Trip Date: Oct. 9, 2010

This trip was planned early fall. I had been wishing to do the trip when the colors of the fall are at its peak, but since I am preparing for the big trip to the Philippines, I and hubby just thought of planning it early.
Besides, the tour is being done by Eyre Bus Tour & Travel, and the date is the only schedule perfectly available that time.

So, Eyre Bus drove us to the Railway Station in Cumberland, where a tour guide met us there, got our tickets and boarded the train after getting a quick coffee from the station.

This tour is a round trip excursion originating from Cumberland, MD that would take us to Frostburg Depot where the turntable is located. it is considered to be the main highlight of the trip where the train will be rotated at the turntable.

While the locomotive train is moving towards Frostburg Depot, you will enjoy the exciting mountain scenery with a tour guide sharing about the rich transportation history involving the train.

Upon reaching Frostburg Depot, we had a 90-minute lay-over. We were then so excited to see the train turning on the turntable, but unfortunately it didn't work!!! :((.
And speaking of steam trains, the tendency of not being able to work is just a normal expectation.
Well, for us, it wasn't expected! our lay-over at Frostburg were extended to 2 hours because they can't seem to make the train work going back.
We ended up calling for Eyre Bus to pick us up. Thanks to our tour guide who did a good job in taking care of us.

We then proceeded to visit the last 2 itineraries, - a shopping to Merling Blanket Outlet and then a visit to Emmanuel Episcopal Church as our last stop. I will be sharing our trip to this church in the next post.