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Friday, May 27, 2011

Vacation Tours

This topic is just perfect for me to share because yesterday, my uncle informed me about their upcoming europe tours and he was asking me to confirm if I can join him and his wife to visit some places in Europe. I suddenly felt the urge to go, but unfortunately I can't due to conflicting schedules :(.
One of my future plans is to consider either italy tours or any european cruise. Last month, I had to choose either italy or caribbean. I was aiming for 2-3 days vacation, so I had to go with the caribbean cruise which is much shorter.

On the other hand, Collette Vacations is such a cool site. I found out that they have some cruise tours as well. Ahhh! a pleasure vacation is what I need. It would be great to do a two-week alaska tours, then maybe europe or italy trips later.
Due to busy schedules, I think I can only go as far as within North America for the meantime :). An alaskan cruise would be ideal. I have been dreaming of visiting Alaska someday. It is one of the state in the US that makes me so curious regarding how it is to be there experiencing longer daytime most of the time or the other way around! It would also be interesting to visit Alaska during summer and I wonder how warm is the summer season there. Oh, well, this is really fun to do just in case. I love traveling, and very soon, I can be able to plan my trip to places I wanna go.

This summer, I'll be on a Caribbean cruise. Can't wait!