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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sn. Francisco City Tour

Trip Date: Sept. 19, 2010 - SFO, CA

After finding a parking spot around the area, we signed up for the San Francisco City Tour taking the All Loops Package which include a visit to Golden Gate Bridge, and a visit to Sausalito.

We actually thought we can complete the tour since it is unlimited hop-on, hop-off from the bus for 48 hours and we can make our own itinerary whichever comes first, the way we like it.
There are 27 bus stops on the 4 diverse loops, so we just carried our loop maps with us. ride the bus and from there, we made our itinerary.

After touring the SFO downtown area, we hopped off the bus and strolled up Lombard Street. I almost gave up going up further on the hilly street...stopped 5 times to rest and catch my breaths due to the sharp incline.
But after reaching the top, it was all worth it, seeing the most crooked street in the whole wide world! Whew!

Going back to where the bus stop was tough...we got lost, and I think we were walking endlessly, and felt it was like we walked 3 miles going back and forth!
By the time we reached the place, we realized we could no longer make it to the 3rd loop.
We then proceeded to go on with the rest of the 2nd loop which included the visit to Sausalito.

Sausalito is a charming coastal town that has breathtaking views of the bay. I couldn't seem to find my photo in here but I'll update it in this post once I see it, :)).

The entire day was exhausting but we didn't mind. We enjoyed the tour.
There's always the "next times" of going back to SFO and continue to visit those places we missed during our tour.