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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Europe's Cool Capitals, Food, Art & Design

Zurich is one fascinating city which promises to captivate your senses over and over again, - unlimited shopping pleasure, spectacular stage show performances, pulsating nightlife, tasty cuisines and of course the creative Zurich design that is unbeatable! This is one of Europe's city of cool capitals were you can find outstanding designs from furniture to gardens and sculptures. Timeless crafts yet elegant, you would want to own one!

Be sure to visit Valencia as well, the Spain's Capital of cool, and check Valencia Art, one of the many vital reasons why this city became unique due to great artistic and cultural value.
As Valencia moves into the third millennium, it now offers wide range of spaces when you talk about arts and architecture. It is simply a city that can make you say "WOW"!

Vienna is also Austria's capital of cool where Vienna Design reflects a modern and contemporary styles of art. Vienna used to be a popular Roman settlement and has been considered as the world's capital of music. But throughout centuries, it has undergone vast changes of developments which created this city one of the most culturally dynamic cities in the world.

So, when you're heading off to your next trip, be sure it's one (or more) of Europe's Capitals of Cool ;).