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Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Cruise Down Memory Lane

Posted by Hyman Weeks

I could not believe my eyes when I opened up my mail and saw that I had won a pair of cruise tickets. My husband has always chided me over my love of sweepstakes and now, it was all worthwhile. My perseverance finally paid off. I could barely contain my excitement as I told my husband about the tickets that I had won. We were both thrilled to see that the tickets were for the Cayman Islands. The last time we had visited the Cayman Islands was on our honeymoon in 1985. Now, we were to be afforded the opportunity to create even more fond memories at our favorite vacation destination.

The day of the cruise had arrived and I'm glad to report that we were already packed and ready. I even brought a pair of shorts that I had worn during our first trip as a surprise for my husband. The cab was outside and it was time to leave. I set my home security alarm (AtlantaHomeSecurity) and closed the door behind me. We loaded our luggage into the cab and were on our way. As my home disappeared behind me, I went over a mental checklist to make sure that I hadn't forgotten anything. We still had an hour before we had to check in at the airport and we were making good time.