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Monday, May 23, 2011


If there is yet one best place to buy cigars online, it should be Cigar Place where cheap cigars are available. If I mean cheap, it does NOT mean you have to risk buying poor quality! These cigars are made of top quality and yet with the best prices you can afford.
Rest assured that you can have a secure, efficient and reliable cigar shopping experience when you order from them online.
Good thing to know too that they accept international orders as well. You might want to check their shipping policy for international orders so you know what to expect just in case you are outside the US and you are interested to purchase from them online.

Don't forget to check some cigar accessories as well like a cigar humidor where you can keep your cigars or other tobacco products to protect them at a constant level of humidity. These items are selling like hotcakes, so be sure to grab one before they run out of stock! They come available in various sizes up to large sizes that can store up to more than 150 cigars!...ideal for those who collect cigars in big bulks.
Of course, the prices are still considered to be budget-friendly because you will be saving as much as 50% out from the original price.

By the way, have you checked on Acid cigars yet? They come in different variety, and yet they are all made from pure natural materials only from Nicaragua. Each variety has a distinct flavor and bouquet that are pleasing to the palate and to the spirit senses ;). Most of these cigars easily run out of stock, but yo can still request order notifications just in case your item happened to be out of stock.

As early as possible, you should start buying now to avoid longer waits if it runs out of stock.

This site is really very convenient for cigar lovers. You can even get exclusive offers and free cigars! Just sign up for a free newsletter by providing your email address, and that's it. As simple as that!

You can also get free stuff every Fridays, or you can be one of those lucky customers to get the early bird special randomly.