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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Arts & Designs at Cool Capitals

In the world of art, ideas are endless and uniqueness are in various perspectives. That is probably the reason why many people love art.
Art is everywhere,- we can see it in fashion and designs, architecture, food, paintings, even in culture which make an art an enjoyable thing to explore.
That is why Cool Capitals was born from a joint initiative that helps travelers enjoy what is worth exploring, seeing and doing particularly in Europe's most stylish cities, such as Amsterdam, Zurich, Vienna, Valencia and Antwerp.
Europe must be the ideal place to see a real art in various forms, don't you think?
I think it would be worth recommending to visit those top five cool cities in Europe to enjoy a much well-deserved vacation where enjoyment is limitless and fulfilling as well.
It should be worth trying to visit Zurich,-the largest city in Switzerland where Zurich design can easily be seen throughout the city. Being one of the fascinating travel destination in the world in ten years, Zurich is primarily known by its reputation as a premier shopping destination and full of nightlife and recreation. Zurich for sure won't let its travelers get bored, as there are various experiences being offered.
Valencia is another cool city worth exploring due to its unique heritage. It is Spain's third largest city that is part Muslim, part Roman and part Catholic. You shouldn't miss exploring Valencia Art. Many say that art and architecture rule the modern day in Valencia.
Another fascinating city is Vienna,-the capital of Austria. Vienna Design
is considered unique because it is considered a medieval city and yet with modern appeal. It is one dynamic city where music, art, food, architecture and theater are mixed. In Vienna, design and art are as natural as it is from furniture to jewelry because artists are taking their inspirations from the elegant Viennese style.
Their own cultural attractions are world-famous Vienna restaurants, although food is also being influenced by various culinary traditions of Austria's many neighboring countries.