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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Luxury Hotel Deals in San Francisco

Later last year (September), we were in San Francisco for a pleasure visit. And by the way, if you are planning to do a trip there, one day won't be enough if you want to visit the entire city as there are many things to do and enjoy in San Francisco.

One important thing you have to do as well is to find san francisco hotel deals, particularly if you plan to stay there longer. Getting a hotel in San Francisco at a regular rate can be very expensive, so you do not want to spoil the fun of your vacation by ending up overspending, do you?

Have you heard about Off & Away auction? You can check it on their site about the promo. Who knows? You will be the next lucky one to win the auction and you will get a special room with an extra spa as a relaxation ;). Take note that there are many hotels around the area as well participating in the auction aside from San Francisco hotels that are selected. But regardless of where the hotel is, you will still enjoy the same vacation all throughout.
But of course, just don't forget checking the upcoming auctions for San Francisco luxury hotel deals.

Ahh! I miss San Francisco! The last time we visited Fisherman's Wharf, it was only a short trip of pleasure since we were coming from Oakland where my husband had his business trip there. It was a 40-minute drive going to the wharf and that time the hotel we stayed at in Oakland was paid by the company where my husband was working.

It's good to go back in San Francisco someday, and I am bookmarking these deals. I am aiming to win the auction for SFO! :))