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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Delaware's New Children's Museum

There's that long awaited children's museum that has recently opened at the Wilmington Waterfront in Delaware. Its doors opened last April 24, 2010.

The place is easily located in a bright yellow building from adjacent Interstate 95, and within walking distance of the train and bus stations, and parking is free!

So, what's in the museum to play with? There are a lot.

ECOnnect - kids can play in the water of a stream table then take a stroll on a boardwalk through Delaware ecosystem to see the flora and fauna living there, from forest and rivers to wetlands to shoreline.

Studio D - place where kids can get creative in an artistic media - printmaking, weaving, sculpture and painting.

It also has a money-themed exhibit to teach kids financial literacy, where they can earn money, a stock market for investing, a bank for saving and ways to spend money as well as to give back through charity.

A transportation-themed exhibit is also present and kids can climb on a toddler-sized train or boat, or go work in the auto shop fixing a miniature car.

The museum focuses on science and technology, math in an interactive playful ways.