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Friday, February 11, 2011

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (Harry Pottery & The Forbidden Journey)

NOTE: Watch out! This is a super thrill ride! You also must leave your things including loose articles in the provided lockers inside (close to the entrance). Lockers are free.

If you have fear of heights, and sudden drops and twirling, this ride is not for you. You will be seated on a shaped chair, buckled up with metals for safety and watch out for those chairs that are constantly moving along! You have to be careful in going to your seats because they continue to move along and you have to catch an empty one.

After you've been seated and buckled up, you will then be making your way through a series of simulated classrooms and corridors of the Hogwarts, just like what you see in the movie...the typical classroom scenes. You will then be soaring up above the castle grounds, and you'll be suddenly high up in the air but all you can see is actually like a big screen that seems like you're there joining Harry Potter riding on that broomstick! LOL!

Expect a sudden drop anytime, then soar high up suddenly, a sudden twill and twist, and it goes on like that for several minutes.

You'll then end up going down the corridors as you watch the whole gang cheering up on you to a job well done!

Hurray! you've done it!