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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Visiting Family in California

September 10, 2010
Although this trip was more on a business purpose, we thought of seeing our family in LA in the weekend.
I haven't seen my uncle and his entire family for more than 30 years, the reason why I and my husband took the time to schedule the dates to see them.
Later in the afternoon, we were able to settle in at the hotel, where my uncle was patiently waiting for us at the lobby.

What a nice feeling for those tight hugs and seeing my uncle and introducing him to my husband :). The evidences are in these photos below, don't you think?
My uncle took us at Staple's Center to see the place. It was after 5 pm of Friday, so most of the buildings that time were already closed. We had no luck going inside the Staple's Center either due to our cameras and tripods which were not allowed to be carried inside.
We then proceeded to a dinner at Ichiban restaurant in Glendale, later joined by another uncle of mine and aunt which was more of a fun!

As our final itinerary for that day, we went for a night visit at my cousin's house. The kids were so much fun to be with...a good chance for us to bond together as a clan ;).
Whew! tiring day since we barely had no rest since we arrived from the airport.
But the weekend was something being looked forward to, hanging out and a mini-reunion with the entire family.