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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Visiting Family in California

September 10, 2010
Although this trip was more on a business purpose, we thought of seeing our family in LA in the weekend.
I haven't seen my uncle and his entire family for more than 30 years, the reason why I and my husband took the time to schedule the dates to see them.
Later in the afternoon, we were able to settle in at the hotel, where my uncle was patiently waiting for us at the lobby.

What a nice feeling for those tight hugs and seeing my uncle and introducing him to my husband :). The evidences are in these photos below, don't you think?
My uncle took us at Staple's Center to see the place. It was after 5 pm of Friday, so most of the buildings that time were already closed. We had no luck going inside the Staple's Center either due to our cameras and tripods which were not allowed to be carried inside.
We then proceeded to a dinner at Ichiban restaurant in Glendale, later joined by another uncle of mine and aunt which was more of a fun!

As our final itinerary for that day, we went for a night visit at my cousin's house. The kids were so much fun to be with...a good chance for us to bond together as a clan ;).
Whew! tiring day since we barely had no rest since we arrived from the airport.
But the weekend was something being looked forward to, hanging out and a mini-reunion with the entire family.


Friday, February 11, 2011

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (Harry Pottery & The Forbidden Journey)

NOTE: Watch out! This is a super thrill ride! You also must leave your things including loose articles in the provided lockers inside (close to the entrance). Lockers are free.

If you have fear of heights, and sudden drops and twirling, this ride is not for you. You will be seated on a shaped chair, buckled up with metals for safety and watch out for those chairs that are constantly moving along! You have to be careful in going to your seats because they continue to move along and you have to catch an empty one.

After you've been seated and buckled up, you will then be making your way through a series of simulated classrooms and corridors of the Hogwarts, just like what you see in the movie...the typical classroom scenes. You will then be soaring up above the castle grounds, and you'll be suddenly high up in the air but all you can see is actually like a big screen that seems like you're there joining Harry Potter riding on that broomstick! LOL!

Expect a sudden drop anytime, then soar high up suddenly, a sudden twill and twist, and it goes on like that for several minutes.

You'll then end up going down the corridors as you watch the whole gang cheering up on you to a job well done!

Hurray! you've done it!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Reunited in Orlando!

July 16-19, 2010 -Trip to Orlando, Florida

It was still the peak of summer, an ideal time to meet a classmate-friend whom I haven't seen for 20 years!
So, we were reunited in Orlando, FL where she is currently based at. We met at Universal Studios on July 17, 2010. It was my request to go there and see Universal's "Islands of Adventure".
I and hubby frequent Universal Studios but the Islands of Adventure wasn't there yet so with this visit, I took the chance to suggest it, which was openly approved ;).

We did some rides, including "The Wizarding World of Harry Potter" - which was the only one I got curious with, - the main reason of why I wanted to be there.

It was funny, but the first attempt to go to the ride was like - I gave up, - and the lines were horribly long and super crowded! so we skipped it and went somewhere else instead.
But we went back later, and endured the 3 hours wait in line!

Hubby had to stay behind to watch our belongings because there were no available lockers to put our small items and purses, since these are not allowed to carry on the ride.

The ride lasted for about 10 minutes or so, and I decided, I won't do it again!!!!

I couldn't stand the constant twirling and turning around. Our day ended up with a sumptuos dinner at a Chinese restaurant, meeting my classmate's family for the first time! :)

The entire day was so tiring, but we all enjoyed it.

Thank God for meeting a long time friend after 20 years! I've discovered, we both didn't was still like the same old us, except that our ages have gone up and we both got married! LOL!