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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Safari's Best Season To Visit

There are so many safari destinations to choose from and each place has different peaks and best time to visit. There are 7 destinations I noted on this post. These might be a good idea for you if you are planning to go for a Safari trip.
  1. Botswana - often called "the crown jewel" of safari countries due to its plentiful game, excellent conservation practices and diverse terrain, with only a population of 1.5 million although the country is about the size of France.

    Best time to go: The northern parks are best visited in May-November. Avoid May, October & November in Central Botswana.

    The Attraction: Outstanding wildlife viewing and the world's biggest island delta. Sleeping under the stars on theMakgadikgadi salt pans, and walking in the Kalahari with the San Bushmen.

    The Downsides: It can be costly unless you use an overland operator such as Drifters, and difficult to navigate on your own.

  2. Kenya - has everything the first-time safari goer is looking for like small reserves, big game, beaches, mountains and all in close proximity.

    Best time to go: Anytime, except for rainy months of April, May & November.

    The Attractions: The Sight of hundreds of thousands of wild beests and zebras crossing the Mara for days on end; Beach holiday afterward in Malindi or Lamu.

    The Downsides: The US State Department issued a travel warning in July about continuing threats of terrorism usually occuring within cities.

  3. Namibia - is a stable country with good roads, internal flights and excellent camps and lodges.

    Best time to go: Year-round, but temperature are mildest from June-September.

    Attractions: Spectacular landscape of shipwreck coasts, canyons, a vast dessert full of mammoth dunes; boat safaris down the Zambezi River, and the world's largest cheetah population.

    The Downsides: Not ideal for first time safari-goer due to lack of variety and number of game. Most parts of Etosha are dry, flat and crowded in season, and you're not allowed off the roads.

  4. South Africa - great for a safari combined with a city or beach experience.

    Best time to go: year-round; June-September can be chilly but still best.

    Attractions: Standing where the veldt meets the surf in the Phinda reserve. it is also easy to get around and to self-drive attracting more visitors to come.

    The Downsides: Kruger's many paved roads are prone to traffic jams.

  5. Tanzania - best time to go is year-round, but January, February, early March and June are the very best.

    Attractions: The chimpanzees of Mahale, on Lake Tanganyika; good game viewing; seeing lions chase baboons up a palm tree in Ruaha; snorkeling in Lake Tanganyika.

    The Downsides: The parks are not always easy to get to, like Ruaha, Selous and Mahale. Ngorongoro gets crowded due to only one road and out of the crater.

  6. Zambia - June-early October is the best time to visit.

    Attractions: walking safaris, South Luangwa, at the end of the Great Rift Valley, incredible ecosystem, Victoria falls, hundreds of cormorants, fish, eagles and storks of various colors and sizes on the banks of the Zambezi.

    The Downsides: Most parks are only seasonal and the seasons are short.

  7. Zimbabwe - June-September are the b
    est times to visit.

    Attractions: The elephants in Hwange, Victoria Falls, the Mana Conoe Trail which is an ultimate thrill.

    The Downsides: The country is still overcoming the problems created by 3 decades of Mugabe's rule. Parks have suffered badly due to government neglect, poaching and lack of visitors.