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Friday, December 17, 2010

Important Tips For Safari Adventure

An ad about a 15-day safari trip might only mean 10-11 nights in the bush, the rest will be spent traveling. So, always ask how many actual days of safari you'll be having.

You can save on a 10-night safari by combining a few nights in a luxurious camp or 2 with a stay in a less expensive one.

Try to book the most direct flights. Although it might cost you an additional hundred dollars more, but you'll avoid overnights and long layovers and can maximize your safari time.

Take note that some safari camps don't allow children under age 12 and not all mobile camps safaris allow guests over 65.

Choose 3 different ecosystems in your safari tour to maximize the variety of animals, terrain and climates. For example, you can start a safari in Kenya at the Lewa Wildlife Conservation Area where you can get over your jet lag, ride a horse or camel near Mt. Kenya. Then see the wildlife and the plains game in the Masai Mara; then end it by taking some walking trips in Laikipia or Loisaba and sleep under the stars :).