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Friday, December 31, 2010

Guadalajara - A Lustrous Pearl

Also known as Perla Tapatia, Guadalajara has a harmonious blend of historical splendor and metropolitan sophistication.

it's a great place from which to enjoy the region's dazzling array of culture, sports, culinary and recreational offerings.

If you love history and culture, check the historical downtown that has a lot of monuments in the colonial area like Palacio de Gobierno and Instituto Cultural Cabanas.
La Catedral is the city's most iconic structure which shelters La Cruz de Plazas. Close by it is the Colonia Americana, a mecca for architecture aficionados. It is also the home to Guadalajara's most popular bars, restaurants, cafes and a vibrant cultural scene.

In the metropolitan area, you can visit Zapopan, Tlaquepaque and Tonala' where you can see sights of the Zapopan Basilica, sanctuary of La Virgen de Zapopan and contemporary art exhibits at the Musco de Arte de Zapopan.
Tlaquepaque, home of El Museo nacioanl de la Ceramica is just 20 minutes from downtown Guadalajara which stands today as one of the country's liveliest commercial corridors and the place to find the best selection of crafts from artisans throughout Mexico.
Tonala is known for stunning handmade crafts such as barro brunido, a celebrated local ceramics technique.

Guadalajara has easy accessibility and its roads are one of the best in the country, making it easy for visitors to visit neighboring cities for attractions from beaches of Puerto Vallarta to landscapes of Jalisco.
You can as well visit Huaxtla for a canyon adventure and Chapala Lake or to Guachimontones, the state's most important archaeological area, discovered 30 years ago.