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Friday, December 31, 2010

Guadalajara - A Lustrous Pearl

Also known as Perla Tapatia, Guadalajara has a harmonious blend of historical splendor and metropolitan sophistication.

it's a great place from which to enjoy the region's dazzling array of culture, sports, culinary and recreational offerings.

If you love history and culture, check the historical downtown that has a lot of monuments in the colonial area like Palacio de Gobierno and Instituto Cultural Cabanas.
La Catedral is the city's most iconic structure which shelters La Cruz de Plazas. Close by it is the Colonia Americana, a mecca for architecture aficionados. It is also the home to Guadalajara's most popular bars, restaurants, cafes and a vibrant cultural scene.

In the metropolitan area, you can visit Zapopan, Tlaquepaque and Tonala' where you can see sights of the Zapopan Basilica, sanctuary of La Virgen de Zapopan and contemporary art exhibits at the Musco de Arte de Zapopan.
Tlaquepaque, home of El Museo nacioanl de la Ceramica is just 20 minutes from downtown Guadalajara which stands today as one of the country's liveliest commercial corridors and the place to find the best selection of crafts from artisans throughout Mexico.
Tonala is known for stunning handmade crafts such as barro brunido, a celebrated local ceramics technique.

Guadalajara has easy accessibility and its roads are one of the best in the country, making it easy for visitors to visit neighboring cities for attractions from beaches of Puerto Vallarta to landscapes of Jalisco.
You can as well visit Huaxtla for a canyon adventure and Chapala Lake or to Guachimontones, the state's most important archaeological area, discovered 30 years ago.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Holiday Barbie search

Guest post written by Tabitha White

Well one thing hasn't changed over the years, little girls still love Barbie dolls. I first learned that when I had my daughter years ago and up until she was a teenager she would always want a holiday Barbie. Now that my daughter has her own daughter, I'm still doing the same and I know that every year for Christmas she depends on me to give her a Holiday Barbie.

A lot of the time when I'm online shopping now, I'm cringe when I think back to how stressful it used to be to go holiday shopping and to specifically find a holiday Barbie, which was always a nightmare. This year I just ordered it online and after I did that I actually came across the website and read through it some. I thought it over and actually changed over my home internet service to the company after that.

It's always pretty neat to see what the new holiday Barbie looks like each year, especially when you've been buying them for years like me.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Safari's Best Season To Visit

There are so many safari destinations to choose from and each place has different peaks and best time to visit. There are 7 destinations I noted on this post. These might be a good idea for you if you are planning to go for a Safari trip.
  1. Botswana - often called "the crown jewel" of safari countries due to its plentiful game, excellent conservation practices and diverse terrain, with only a population of 1.5 million although the country is about the size of France.

    Best time to go: The northern parks are best visited in May-November. Avoid May, October & November in Central Botswana.

    The Attraction: Outstanding wildlife viewing and the world's biggest island delta. Sleeping under the stars on theMakgadikgadi salt pans, and walking in the Kalahari with the San Bushmen.

    The Downsides: It can be costly unless you use an overland operator such as Drifters, and difficult to navigate on your own.

  2. Kenya - has everything the first-time safari goer is looking for like small reserves, big game, beaches, mountains and all in close proximity.

    Best time to go: Anytime, except for rainy months of April, May & November.

    The Attractions: The Sight of hundreds of thousands of wild beests and zebras crossing the Mara for days on end; Beach holiday afterward in Malindi or Lamu.

    The Downsides: The US State Department issued a travel warning in July about continuing threats of terrorism usually occuring within cities.

  3. Namibia - is a stable country with good roads, internal flights and excellent camps and lodges.

    Best time to go: Year-round, but temperature are mildest from June-September.

    Attractions: Spectacular landscape of shipwreck coasts, canyons, a vast dessert full of mammoth dunes; boat safaris down the Zambezi River, and the world's largest cheetah population.

    The Downsides: Not ideal for first time safari-goer due to lack of variety and number of game. Most parts of Etosha are dry, flat and crowded in season, and you're not allowed off the roads.

  4. South Africa - great for a safari combined with a city or beach experience.

    Best time to go: year-round; June-September can be chilly but still best.

    Attractions: Standing where the veldt meets the surf in the Phinda reserve. it is also easy to get around and to self-drive attracting more visitors to come.

    The Downsides: Kruger's many paved roads are prone to traffic jams.

  5. Tanzania - best time to go is year-round, but January, February, early March and June are the very best.

    Attractions: The chimpanzees of Mahale, on Lake Tanganyika; good game viewing; seeing lions chase baboons up a palm tree in Ruaha; snorkeling in Lake Tanganyika.

    The Downsides: The parks are not always easy to get to, like Ruaha, Selous and Mahale. Ngorongoro gets crowded due to only one road and out of the crater.

  6. Zambia - June-early October is the best time to visit.

    Attractions: walking safaris, South Luangwa, at the end of the Great Rift Valley, incredible ecosystem, Victoria falls, hundreds of cormorants, fish, eagles and storks of various colors and sizes on the banks of the Zambezi.

    The Downsides: Most parks are only seasonal and the seasons are short.

  7. Zimbabwe - June-September are the b
    est times to visit.

    Attractions: The elephants in Hwange, Victoria Falls, the Mana Conoe Trail which is an ultimate thrill.

    The Downsides: The country is still overcoming the problems created by 3 decades of Mugabe's rule. Parks have suffered badly due to government neglect, poaching and lack of visitors.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Home Safety Tips for the Holidays

Contribution by Saul Martin

The holidays are filled with mountains of chores that must be done. Shopping, cooking, cleaning and so much more has got to be done prior to the big day. You will find yourself on the run almost all the time at this time of year. When we are that busy, we tend to forget simple safety items that would otherwise be routine for us.

When you are getting ready to go out shopping, make sure that you lock all the doors and windows to your home. It is well known that at this time of year, empty homes are a welcome mat for burglars. Make sure you also set your home alarm (Adt home security information) prior to leaving as an extra precaution.

In the home, there are other important items you must make sure to do safely. When you decorate do not overload the electrical outlets in your rooms. People tend to plug everything from the tree lights to outdoor lights into one outlet. While your electrical system may be able to handle this load, it is not the safest way to light your home. Pick out different outlets throughout the house where you can distribute the load of electricity and plan your lighting accordingly.

Using simple safety precautions, you can make your home safe for the holidays.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Packing Tips For A Safari Trip

What to pack when you're heading to a safari adventure is as important as your trip.
So, take note you have with you the following, and what to avoid and leave at home:
  • The ideal clothes to have are tans and khakis which are the best colors for hiding dirt, deflecting the sun and blending in with your surroundings. So, think casual, utilitarian and inconspicuous clothing.
  • Be sure to bring a camera with a powerful telephoto lens. You also have at least a pair of quality binoculars. You may only have one chance to see a lioness feeding her cubs.
  • Pack light and in soft-sided duffels, which are best for fitting into the cargo of bush planes. Most bags of more than 40 pounds are usually not accommodated. Good thing with packing light is that laundry services at camps and lodges are offered daily.
  • Leave your jeans at home. It is bulky and takes long to dry, plus the color of it attracts the dreaded tsetse fly.
  • Avoid perfumes, colognes or scented lotions because they can attract unwanted attention from wildlife, especially flying critters.

Friday, December 17, 2010

The Steam Team

If you want total cleaning or restoration for your home, office, or any business establishment you want to be cleaned, The Steam Team based in Texas is a reliable company to trust.

You would be lucky enough if you're based in Austin because if you are searching somebody to do total cleaning for your home for your floor, such as your carpet for example, - just check carpet & rug cleaning austin.

Looking for steam cleaning as well? Try commercial steam cleaners austin. As you'll see, The Steam Team has been fully experienced in cleaning and maintaining upholsteries, tiles, house floorings, etc...

If your home had gone through fire damage, check fire damage repair austin, offered by The Steam Team as well.

Important Tips For Safari Adventure

An ad about a 15-day safari trip might only mean 10-11 nights in the bush, the rest will be spent traveling. So, always ask how many actual days of safari you'll be having.

You can save on a 10-night safari by combining a few nights in a luxurious camp or 2 with a stay in a less expensive one.

Try to book the most direct flights. Although it might cost you an additional hundred dollars more, but you'll avoid overnights and long layovers and can maximize your safari time.

Take note that some safari camps don't allow children under age 12 and not all mobile camps safaris allow guests over 65.

Choose 3 different ecosystems in your safari tour to maximize the variety of animals, terrain and climates. For example, you can start a safari in Kenya at the Lewa Wildlife Conservation Area where you can get over your jet lag, ride a horse or camel near Mt. Kenya. Then see the wildlife and the plains game in the Masai Mara; then end it by taking some walking trips in Laikipia or Loisaba and sleep under the stars :).

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Is Your Advertising Effective?

One of the best way for your business company to become successful is by using an effective and credible advertising agency. And when we talk about choosing one as well as to increase your engine rankings online, you should consider a lot of things and see to it that you get your money's worth.
Of course, there are some who would just rely on free advertising, but there is no guarantee about it, because simply it's free.

Practicality wise, there is always an amount involve that should be on your budget in terms of effective advertising. Take note that in business, spending money for advertising is always part of it. It's a dangerous risk though if you are not choosing a credible advertising company to promote your site.
On the other hand, why risk spending money to a typical advertising agency that doesn't do you any good, right?

Better yet check THAT! company, - considered to be one of the leading advertising agency which develops creative, effective advertising campaigns with measurable results. The good thing is that in the midst of ever changing advertising strategies, THAT! company knows how to go with the flow. It is because they are born digital, and their clients are being introduced into the 21st century evolution. The company does create a mixed media experience by combining old amd new media made up of a team with highly skilled advertising specialists.
Wanna know more about it? Try checking the inside look of who they are through their cool video on their homepage and take the tour on what they do.

Make your money's worth and get the return of your investment with an effective advertising campaign. THAT! company is so much accessible on the internet. You can chat with them or can call them up at 800-657-4179.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Finding Hot Deals For Winter

When it comes to amazing values, this winter could be one for the record books. Flexible travelers are the ones who tend to save the most.

Resorts in Mexico Deals:
Airfare and hotel packages for Christmas and New Year are usually more than 30% down. Cancun and Los Cabos can be of good deals too.
In Fall, Tides Riviera Maya, The Tides Zihuatanejo and Four Seasons Punta Mita offer half off or even higher. If you're looking for value-added packages, try

Business Class Airfares to Europe Deals:
For the latest bargains for business class, try Steals and Deals section from

Airfare-plus Hotel Packages Deals:
If you're going for a tropical place in Europe, you can yield savings. According to Expedia, European cities packages of both air and hotel has plummeted this year compared to last year with fall prices down 32% to london and 26% to Rome.

Las Vegas & Chicago Deals:
Many hotels in these cities are open for deals due to a steep decline in conference business plus many new hotel rooms hitting the market. Try using Quickbook for best rates for smaller properties.

Last-Minute Cruises Deals:
SeaDream Yacht Club was offering 40% off its Christmas cruise in the Caribbean. There are also sales on Christmas/New Year's cruises that normally sell out a full year in advance.

North American Ski Resorts Deals:
The Little Nell, Aspen's ski-in/ski-out property is including free daily lift tickets in its room rates. Check which expects good deals at Jackson Hole & Whistler (except during the Olympics).

Monday, December 13, 2010

The North Face From Zappos

Have you checked The North Face products from Zappos? If you love them, then for sure you know what I'm talking about.
And yet, for those who are not so familiar, The North Face is popularly known as a brand, - a company retailer of high performance climbing and backpacking equipments.

And when it comes to outerwear and skiwear, they offer the highest form of quality products for jackets and coats for both men and women, as well as for kids.

Getting them online would be the smartest idea you'll ever be doing because you can get them fast from Zappos!

Experience wise, I am a regular customer of Zappos, so I can attest their credibility in delivering their products right on time!
Most of my shoes actually are from Zappos, and oh yeah, I can post countless photos of those shoes if I want to, LOL!

Happy shopping! :)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Best Airline Websites

If you are looking for a good airfare finder website or trip-planning tool, the following sites are helpful.

For Organizing Travel Details: -
This site keeps track of everything from flight reservations to OpenTable dinner plans and extracts travel details from booking confirmations that you forward by email, then make them all on a private webpage. It also adds trip-specific SeatGuru tips, weather reaports and Google maps.

For Searching Far And Wide-Fast:
It swiftly scours more than 450 sites that include major booking engines, national carriers and no-frills airlines-to unearth cheap flights to destination around the world.

For Arranging Tricky Itineraries:
It assesses your needs and interests with an online questionnaire, then matches you with a savvy travel agent.

For Checking Flight Status and Delays:
It provides you with a color-coded map providing arrival and departure delay details at a glance. It's latest feature relays advice straight from fellow travelers who send updates in realtime by texting from their cellphones - on security line ups, traffic jams, cab queus, and more.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

National Park Wedding

Guest post by Ronny Mccullough

I just got back from standing in as my brother’s his best man when he married Lisa, and I have to say that he lucked out. There aren't many city girls who'd agree to get married in the middle of a national park. Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Ohio is a great place to sightsee, bird watch, hike and now I can see it's a great place to get married.

The three of us and Lisa's maid of honor met several family members deep in the forest, after setting our inhomesecurity alarm system of this beautiful park to witness the ceremony. One of Lisa's uncles is a minister and he conducted the ceremony. Now, I'm not what you'd call a romantic guy, but I've got to say that this was the most romantic wedding I've ever been to. We were surrounded by maple and oak trees, so there was that gorgeous autumn color surrounding us.

After the ceremony, we all hiked through the hills for a while and then the younger members of the wedding party headed for nearby Findlay Lake State Park to camp. The bride and groom had arranged for tents for everyone, plus a catered supper by the lake. The next day, some of us stuck around to enjoy more hiking and boating before heading home. I've got to say again that my brother is one lucky man.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tips & Tricks of Using Frequent Flier Miles

It's never been harder to redeem miles for tickets. Here are the things that you need to do.

Try booking your flight 11 months in advance. Most airline release seat availability exactly 330 days before the flight - so plan soon.

Another trick is to fly on off days (like Tuesday instead of Friday). Picking up an unusual foreign destination also helps say for example, think about going Rio instead of Paris.

Or you can always donate your miles to charity (like and feel good about it :).

Friday, December 3, 2010

One Exciting Taxi Cab

Thanks for the guest post by Esteban Vinson

My favorite action movie has gotta be the 2004 flick Collateral. Tom Cruise, who we're all used to seeing play the hero, in most any shape or size, steps into the role of villain without missing a beat. His character, a hit-man named Vincent, takes taxi driver Max (Jamie Fox) hostage, forcing him to drive him around to various hits throughout the night.

Between shocking scenes of Tom Cruise shooting guys out of three story windows, "You killed him!" "No, I shot him. Bullets and the fall killed him," there's an increasingly fascinating banter between the cold hearted hit-man and his nervous hostage, as they start to develop a relationship; however messed up it may be. The dynamic often makes you wonder who you're actually rooting for.

Some pretty awesome gunfights and car crashes give you a good thrill, and the amazing story has kept me going back for more. I can't tell tell you how many times I've plopped myself down in front my satellite TV from and defaulted to watching Collateral. It's a must see, and a must re-see. Jamie Fox nails one of the most dynamic character shifts, going from nervous nobody who can't take a real risk to. . . well, I'll let you see for yourself. And Tom Cruise definitely has to play the bad guy more often; he's pretty scary.

Caribbean Escapades - Part 2

CURACAO - is a glorious spot for flawless beaches, incredible diving, stunning architecture with various spectrum of activities that draw many tourists to visit.
Tourists can easily find a quiet spot to bask in the sun along the shores of long sandy stretches to intimate rocky coves which most of them provide access to island's wondrous dive sites.

Curacao is also proud to share its culture when it comes to life during the annual Culture, Cuisine & Heritage Experience which showcases the 55 different nationalities and cultures that together form this vibrant island nation.

JAMAICA - is an exceptionally beautiful isle where you get to experience a holistic hideaway, enjoying your championship caliber swing on the golf course and also a fun place to do the wet and wild ocean safari adventure. it also has warm and crystal waters that are irresistible which offer visitors a unique way to experience awe-inspiring coastline with the new Ocean Safari.
This exciting excursion guests pilot two-seat, inflatable, Zodiac style boats on a wild coastal adventure. A guide leads the guests along the reefs for unparalleled views of the island's unspoiled cones and beaches.

NASSAU/PARADISE ISLAND - this is where you can have a fabulous escape that offers international glamour and tropical ease which is located in Bahamas. It's only 185 miles from Miami, FL making it one of the most accessible islands for tourists from the US.

There are lots of bigger facilities such as the newly opened Sheraton Cable Beach Resort situated on 7 acres of waterscape, with a 1,000-feet stretched of white sand beach; has 3 freshwater pools with waterfalls, a swim-up bar and oversized jacuzzis.

Another new facility is The Cove Atlantis in which visitors can make themselves at home in one of 600 ocean view suites. It has also a French balcony with floor-to-ceiling water views, sumptuos amenities and state-of-the-art technology.

Don't forget to experience the Aquaventure!

Trendy Medical Uniforms

Blue Sky Scrubs must be one of those coolest sites to shop for your nursing uniforms. Isn't it just cool to notice that you can still be fashionable in those uniforms as well?
Be sure to check the nursing scrub tops for both men and women which are all designed to have flattering styles on anybody who wears them ;).

Good thing is you can as well order from them some custom made scrubs, designed the way you want it, from color stitchings to inseam lengths, to pocket placements. Otherwise, they will make the uniform for you! How's that?

Keep browsing for more trendy designs and styles.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Caribbean Escapades - Part 1

Just a thought of a luxurious Caribbean vacation is more than enough to make you feel relaxed.
There are several islands of the Caribbean that offer the perfect escapades for every type of traveler, from a secluded romantic getaway to a fun-filled family adventure.

I will be sharing 6 of the islands which are worth considering for a visit with 3 islands in this post and another 3 of them as Part 2 of my post ;).

ARUBA - this breathtaking island makes many tourists come back again and again, the reason why it's worth the visit. Take note that Aruba is a tropical island, and always summer! Aruba is 6 miles across at its widest point and 70 sq. miles, at 19.6 miles long. Both south and west coasts feature miles of white sand beaches which rank among the most beautiful in the world.
The north east coast is a contrast in a rugged terrain where ocean waves crash dramatically against the shoreline. Travelers looking for adventure off the beaten path can go to visit the eerie rock formations in the desert-like interior, the cacti and the island's famous divi-divi trees. You can spend the day just idling on the beach or racing from an active itinerary to the next in Aruba.

Some exciting things to do are scuba diving and snorkeling, windsurfing, sailing and water skiing.
You'll alos enjoy on land activities like world class golf and tennis, horse-back riding, sightseeing and fantastic shopping.

BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS - this island is considered to be a true high-rise hotels, no casinos, no crowds, just pure natural splendors.
British Virgin Islands (BVI) is composed of 60 islands mostly surrounding the Sir Frances Drake Channel. BVI is a natural playground of breath-taking beauty due to its emerald green coastlines, white sand beaches and crystal, turquoise waters making it the undisputed Sailing Capital of the World.l

If you're booking for a stay, there are simple, intimate inns, villas and cottages owned by local BVIslanders. But there are also modest seaside inns to luxurious view-oriented villas.

THE CAYMAN ISLANDS - it's simply a paradise with scores of sun-drenched beaches. Your adventure will be filled with wonderful accomodations, world class dining, breathtaking vistas, exhilirating activities and a bevy of sights and sounds; - whether you choose to stay at grand Cayman, Little Cayman or Cayman Brac.

Grand Cayman is the most cosmopolitan of the 3 islands which blends international attractions with rich local tradition.

On the northeast of Grand Cayman island are the islands of Cayman Brac and Little Cayman which are 89 miles away from Grand Cayman. These two islands are also known as "Sister islands" and an ideal place for marvelous diving and snorkeling. These isles have scores of hiking trails with dozens of secluded beaches and wide range of hotels, condominiums, villas, bed-and-breakfast and spa services.