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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sesame Street is Best

Posted by Winford Tillman

Can there be any doubt that Sesame Street is the best children's program? Sesame Street went in 1968 and was from the very beginning the standard of excellence by which all other children's programs measured themselves.

Sesame Street was not set in a rural or fantasy setting, but on a city street where most kids lived. A controversial choice, the setting proved to be a source of identification with most viewers. Sesame Street looked a lot like the street where they lived. The show featured short skits, songs and animated vignettes. Numbers, letters and words were repeated in fun ways to help kids learn.

Sesame Street taught good moral lessons like honesty, hard work, sharing and helping. It even taught kids about death. The episode, 'Farewell, Mr. Hooper' was quickly named one of the most influential moments in television history.

Sesame Street's excellence is proven in its longevity. Not just in its years on the air, but in its longevity in the hearts of the adults who grew up watching it on bestchoicetv. Almost every adult age 48 or younger can sing a favorite song from Sesame Street. They can recite their favorite skits and imitate their favorite characters. Without a doubt Sesame Street is my favorite children's show because I am one of those adults and I know all the words to the 'Ladybugs' picnic.'