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Monday, November 29, 2010

San Francisco City Tour

September 19, 2010

This day was our City Sightseeing Tour aboard the hop on-hop off double decker bus . Weather is still a bit cloudy and chilly.
We did signed up for the complete tour including a hop off to see the Golden Gate bridge up close.

It was a whole day activity since it includes all the 3 big loops. Unluckily, there were some spots we missed to visit. I wanter to visit the Golden Gate park, but due to time constraints, we missed the timetable. (maybe next time, it would much be easier to do it since I can pretty much recall those places I wanna visit). The next time around would all just be a focus on those certain places ;).

The only hop off we did was to go walk towards Lombard Street going to see the most crooked street around the world. The walk going to the street was uphill, and oh boy! I was catching my breath before I reached the top, LOL! I thought I couldn't make it to the top, but thank God.

Going to our next bust stop was challenging because we got lost, and I was super tired walking and it was chilly. I was getting impatient as hubby had noticed it. Thank God for portable GPS on my phone! whew! We already walked more than 2 miles before I remembered that I can use GPS on my iPhone! Thank goodness for the modern gadgets's a lifesaver!

It was a nice fun ride for our last loop that afternoon, where we visited Sausalito. It was like a small city up the mountains, and boy! The standard of living is classy up there. Many houses are built exclusively on top of the mountain where the residents are famous in the society.

We also visited the Golden Gate bridge through the North - Vista Point, but that was quick! It was getting dark, but the view was still awesome. I should have taken some good photos of it, but again, we were always catching our time. {sigh!}