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Friday, November 5, 2010

LA Dodgers

Thanks for the post from Lynn Guy

I am a devoted fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers and naturally Major League Baseball too. This is why I am so sad that we are not in the pennant race this year, as I have been spoiled by continuous Dodger success. It pains me even more so that the Giants are in the playoffs and doing so with a much more likable cast. While my team features a lazy bum like Manny Ramirez and guys like Casey Blake and Matt Kemp, plus a bunch of overweight slobs like Chad Billingsley and Jonathan Broxton, being a Los Angeles Dodger fan is truly the lowest form of existence in the world.

It was especially painful the way we got beat by the Giants in epic fashion this season. While earlier in the year we came back to beat Barry Zito, later we just got crushed by Juan Uribe's game-winning home run and never recovered. It was a disheartening loss that our weak-willed team could not recover from. Truly Vin Scully was rolling over in his grave after that loss, and I began to wonder if I should just give up on the boys in blue and start rooting for whatever team was playing the hated Giants. Thankfully I can do just that as I watch every baseball game of this pennant race on my satellite TV package from