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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Belize Trip Essentials

Going to Belize City? belize is located in Central America, a small country that has the longest barrier reef in the Western hemisphere.

If you're wondering what and how your packing should be, you should pack light for island hopping, - shorts, T-shirts and bathing suits.
Restaurants are mostly fairly casual:-light dresses for women and nice shorts and T-shirts for men. Bring lightweight rain jacket for splashy boat rides and some occasional showers.

U.S. dollar is widely accepted in Belize which is the only English-speaking country in Central America.

Don't bother packing make up and hair-styling products. Climate is hot and windy.

Pack lots of SPF30+, lip balm with sunscreen, and a wide brim hat. Pack aloe for those spots you miss.

Bring an underwater camera even if it's just disposable.

Doctors usually recommend hepatitis A, typhoid vaccines and malaria pills. A tetanus booster is also recommended.

Make sure your water is safe before drinking - many hotels and resorts use rainwater or seawater for plumbing, including the bathroom sink.

Food is mostly traditional, like rice and beans, fresh veggies, pork, chicken, lots of seafood and tropical fruits. Restaurants like Ambergris Caye offers variety of international dishes.

Belize produces good beer. Belikin's a local fave and it's what you get when you simply order a "beer", which comes in regular, stout and premium.

Wine is less prevalent but fairly easy to obtain, especially those from Chile or Argentina.