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Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Walk in the Park

Guest post written by Jillian Matthews

It’s very important to me that my husband and I stay fit, especially since we live in Manhattan where you pretty much have to walk everywhere.

After all these years of working hard in the city, we’re really enjoying the luxury that comes with living in beautiful Fifth Avenue apartment, since we’re literally steps from Central Park .

Every night after dinner we take a quick walk to the main reservoir in the park and stroll around it. The view is always spectacular. As we walk, we can see portions of the magnificent New York skyline over the trees and on all sides of the water—it’s utterly breathtaking, even for Manhattan-ites like us. Aside from the view, we always enjoy the time to talk and reflect on a variety of things. My husband has been bringing his Miracle-Ear hearing aids aids so that we can really turn our exercise time into quality conversation time, as well.

It’s been wonderful having the park as a backyard, and we anticipate enjoying these walks for many years to come.