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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ten Romantic Hotspots in Japan

  1. Big O, Tokyo - Enjoy the views as you snuggle up downtown Tokyo while riding on the world's first centerless Ferris Wheel. The 15-minute ride is as exhilirating as it is romantic which is located in the middle of downtown Tokyo at La Qua, - the city's premier entertainment and shopping center.

  2. Enoden Railway (Kamakura-Fujisawa) - you will enjoy beautiful beach and ocean views as you climb aboard the Enoshima Dentetsu (Enoden) on one side of the train, and the historic neighborhoods on the other.

  3. Fujiya Hotel, Hakone - Spend a quiet day at this charming historic hotel where views of Mt. Fiji are simply unparalleled. The surrounding Hakone resort area offers some of the country's best thermal waters, plus countless other romantic retreats.

  4. Hyobaku Ice Festival, Hokkaido - witness yourself the fantasy world of illuminated ice sculptures, frozen waterfalls and colorful fireworks at this magical winter festival (Feb.-March) held in Sounkyo Onsen, a hot springs resort town on the edge of Daisetsuzan National Park.

  5. Kamigamo Shrine, Kyoto - enjoy an enchanting afternoon on the vast grounds of this World Cultural heritage site with more than 34 structures, that includes the famous Honden and Gonden. Close by is the Moidoro-ike Pond where you can relax, bird watch or enjoy a quiet ramble.

  6. Meiji Jingue Shrine, Tokyo - Take a stroll unto the peaceful gardens and woods of this shrine which honors the spirits of Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken. If you're lucky, you can even witness a traditional Japanese Shinto wedding ceremony.

  7. Restaurant Luke, Tokyo - savor a romantic dinner amidst Tokyo's most dramatic views. This elegant, modern French restaurant is at the top of St. Luke's Tower, a high-rise overlooking the Sunida River that hovers above the expanse of Tokyo Bay and metropolitan skyline.

  8. Rokko Cable Car, Kobe - get a nostalgic ride aboard a restored cable car to the summit of Mt. Rokko in Kobe. The view of the glittering Osaka Bay from the top is considered one of Japan's most awe-inspiring sights.

  9. Sunset Dinner Cruise, Tokyo - capture the romantic views of downtown Tokyo as you sail the Sumida River aboard a traditional Japanese houseboat. Savor the authentic local dishes prepared with fresh seafood and veggies as the sights of the city float gracefully by. You can arrange a private cocktail cruise for an extra special evening.

  10. Tsurunoyu Onsen (Hot Spring Resort), Akita - a historic spa with natural hot springs nestled in the beautiful mountains of northern Honshu. You can also reserve a room at the authentic ryokan (Japanese style Inn) onsite to experience a traditional dinner and overnight stay.