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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Secrets of The Poe House

No one lives in the Poe house. It is simply too small and obvious that there is no space for someone to live on the premises. it is owned and operated by the City of Baltimore.

There's no truth that Poe's grave is in the basement of the house. Poe is buried in the Westminster Graveyard at Fayette and Greene Streets, approximately 9 blocks east of Poe's house.

Walls on the Poe's house are stressed and has moisture damage which is very difficult to prevent and repair.

The Poe house doesn't have a climate control because there is no place to install it. A window air conditioning is the best option.
If you enter the house, you'll notice that "old" house smell and with the age comes the tell tale odor which only an old house has. Even with limited air conditioning, this odor will appear and then vanish. It is usually more noticeable after it has been raining.

The basement is not allowed for accessibility because of its limited space. The ceilings are low and there are pipes running through the walls making it difficult and hazardous to navigate the basement. Three thrash pits were discovered during the 1979 renovations.

You will notice that there are no toilets in the house because people used chamber pots or detached privies in the back of the house way back then.

Driving Directions to the Poe Grave From the Poe House:
If you're parked on Amity Street, turn left onto Lexington Street, then make an immediate right onto Poppleton Street. Go 2 blocks and turn left onto Baltimore Street.

Go to the 3rd traffic light and turn left onto Paca Street and stay in the left lane.

Turn left onto Fayette Street. The Poe grave will be on your left at the end of the block at greene Street. Look for a parking space.