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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Our Traditional Pumpkin Carving Session

Contributed by Vickie Tyson

Every fall around the fourth week of October my family and I like to indulge in a little pumpkin carving. We line the pumpkins up around the table and set everyone up with a carving knife, a bowl for the seeds and a permanent marker for decoration. Before we start I always turn on the satellite TV from and pick a great Halloween movie to watch. This usually spices up the mood and gets everybody motivated. After the pumpkins are carved we take all of the seeds to the sink to rinse of and then place them in the oven to be baked and eaten!!! While the seeds are cooking all of us go out to the yard and pick a spot to place our pumpkins. My spot is always on the front deck on the very last step. My children love to place theirs side by side down by the mail box for all the passing cars to see. This is my all-time favorite activity to partake in with my family. Its fun, messy and a great family activity to do together.