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Monday, October 25, 2010

Dead Leaves

I appreciate the guest post, Jamie Guy

My favorite animated movie to watch is Dead Leaves, because it is full of the kind of nonsensical mayhem that I find stimulating. While some people think animation is only for saliva filled children, that is utterly untrue. Animation that originates in the east has been long geared toward adults, adults who still read comic books on the train. Dead Leaves is full of guns and guts and a main protagonist who has a television for a head, so that I can watch a television in my television on TV, and that alone makes the movie totally awesome.

The plot centers around two Bonnie and Clyde like characters trapped in a prison for their various shenanigans, which then leads to a marauding break out not unlike the one in the conventional movies you see on television except for a ton of guns and security guards whose weapons are as impotent as them. Next to the television headed man is a sassy woman with her own crazy style, which makes me feel as if I am watching some a hipster would watch and raising my overall intelligent quotient. This is primarily why I watch Japanese animation, to feel as if I am part of a club or unique subculture that watches things that the mainstream are not cool enough to. I watch Dead Leaves on the SyFy channel on satellite TV from