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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Washington National Cathedral (Part 4)

Washington D.C.

Lower Level (the Crypt): - The crypt is located down the stairs close to the Holy Spirit Chapel. The level is full of crypt chapels with the iconography dealing with the New Testament imagery and the promise of eternal life - Jesus birth, his death and entombment, and His resurrection.

29. Good Shepherd Chapel - this is the altar sculpture showing a shepherd holding a lamb, interpreting the role of God as protector especially to those who are injured or suffering.

30. Bethlehem Chapel - contains symbols and depictions of the genealogy and birth of Jesus.

31. Chapel of St. Joseph of Arimathea - this is located directly beneath the crossing. It depicts the story of Jesus' entombent following the crucifixion. The architectural style of this chapel together with the Resurrection Chapel are built in Romanesque style that features rounded arches.

32. Resurrection Chapel - this is the one decorated with colorful mosaics, reflecting the appearances of Jesus after His resurrection.

33. Cathedral Center for Prayer and Pilgrimage - meditation area to visitors.

34. Visitor's Lounge - visitors can take rests here and may sign state books as well.

35. Museum Store - visitors can shop for books, religious arts, etc.

The Cathedral Close
The grounds of the cathedral is called the "Close" and is 57 acres, including the cathedral, 3 schools, the offices of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington, and St. Alban's church.

There is a Bishop Garden that is medieval inspired garden that opens daily until dusk. Tours are offered at 10:30am from April-October every Wednesday.

At the base of the stone pilgrim steps is an equestrian statue of George Washington.

Information about guided and audio tours are available at the cathedral.