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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Washington National Cathedral (Part 3)

Washington D.C.

21. Kellogg Bay - the memorial for Frank B. Kellogg reflecting his ardent desire for universal peace. On the east wall is a Martin Luther King Jr's. carving preaching his last Sunday sermon from the cathedral's pulpit in March 31, 1968.

22. Humanitarian Bay - also known as the Boardman Bay.

23. White Bay - the window is themed with peace and universal unity, containing symbols of the League of Nations, the United Nations, people of the world in prayer, and peaceful uses of atomic energy.

24. Bettelheim Bay - the window symbolizes "America the Beautiful" with a brilliant color and abstract design.

25. The National Cathedral Association Bay - the windows reflect women's roles as Christian life givers, healers, purifiers and teachers. These were built by members of the NCA from all over the nation.

26. Dulin Bay - the windows are depicted with the 23rd psalm in vivid colors.

27. Frohman Bay - the memorial of Philip Hubert Frohman, the Cathedral's architect for more than 50 years. The window is dramatic, with abstract design utilizing an imaginative design of leading and small pieces of glass.

28. Abraham Lincoln Bay - the heroic bronze statue stands before words from Lincoln's farewell address at Springfield, Illinois. The floor is inset with Lincoln-head pennies; the window depicts in abstract form "the Agony of Civil War."