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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rearing mascots

Guest post written by Howard Reynolds
A lot of people don't realize that our family has been raising the rams that serve as the official mascots for the nearby university. We've had 10 rams serve as the mascot and it is definitely our family's legacy.
Last year one of our rams passed away so I had to train a new ran to walk out onto the football field and stay there teh whole game. Now rams are pretty stubborn so this is something that I really had to work on. While I was doing this I was also teaching my son how to do the same thing which made it even harder.
My son kept asking me questions and I misheard some of them so there wasn't good communication going on. Once I realized what was going on I knew I had to do something about my bad hearing and looked up miracle ear hearing aid prices.
I took a hearing test and figured out what I needed. I was glad that I did that because at the season opener I let him take over handling duties and I got to watch the game and not the ram for once.