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Friday, September 3, 2010

My Guest's Post ;)

Law & Order: Criminal Intent, One of the Best Legal Dramas

Thanks for the post from Sylvester Campbell

This is one of my favorite legal dramas that I watch frequently, via my tv satellite service. This show is edgy and interesting. Just as the title suggests the show is about the reasoning behind a criminal's actions as opposed to just the criminal act itself. This is an ingenious way to write a show as it gives the viewer a more complete sense of the story. The show breaks down what the crime is, why it was committed and how the detectives were able to outsmart the criminal and apprehend them. Great writing always has a beginning, middle, and end. This show is exemplary in that area. The show is set in New York City, which allow the stories to be more versatile. My favorite character combo is Detective Goren and Detective Eames. Goren can be outrageous, however his excellent reasoning skills allow him to accurately read a suspect and ultimately get a confession out of them. For the intelligent viewer it's always fun to watch a character outwit someone through brain power versus brawn. Eames' character is soft and yet still strong, creating a balance between the two. Their dynamic makes the characters and their interactions more believable. Of the many crime/legal dramas on TV today Law & Order: Criminal Intent tops the list with its intelligent writing and true to life characters.