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Friday, September 17, 2010

Jimmie Johnson Will Win #5

Jimmie Johnson Will Win #5

The Author of this post is Solomon Dejesus

Love him or hate him, Jimmie Johnson is one of the best drivers around and has been the best for a long time. His pit crew is lightening fast and helps him make up time in the pits. Chad Knaus is one of the best pit crew chiefs in NASCAR and helps keep Jimmie focused on the race at all times. Knaus is great at keeping Johnson level headed and relaxed during the race, especially after a big wreck happens.
When I watch NASCAR on my the satellite TV I got after viting, I always look for Johnson. If he is not in the front of the pack, then he is usually in the pits getting more gas and tires put on his car. When he gets wrecked, he recovers well and can usually get back up into the front of the pack, even if he is 25 to 30 spots behind the leader.
That is the great part about NASCAR racing, your driver is never out of the race until he drives it into the garage. I have watched Johnson come back from some really bad wrecks and still place in the top ten, which enabled him to get more points for the Sprint Race for the Cup. He will do it again this year because he is a great racer and has an awesome pit crew and chief.