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Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Saga of Roots

Written by my friend Constance Hayden

Although this classic has been around for a number of years the power and majesty it possesses never fades. At the time the writing project was first proposed by the author, Alex Haley, many people scoffed at the idea of a story that tracked an African American's family tree and history. Although Caucasions had been tracing their family lineages for hundreds of years it was felt that because of the issues of slavery and the number of times a slave may have been transferred from one place to another that this challenge would be an impossible one.
The fact of the matter is that thanks to a family tradition that managed to survive that was handed down from the first slave; Koonta Kinte, the challenge was made easier for Alex Haley, the sixth generation descendant of Kinte. Haley traveled to Africa and was even able to find long lost relatives he never knew. Aside from the appreciation of what Haley accomplished, the viewer also finds themselves lost in the storyline as they eagerly watch to see what happens next in this family's struggles. Adding to the mix the wonderful talents of acting greats such as Lorne Greene, Robert Reed, Louis Gossett, Ed Asner, Ralph Waite, Cicely Tyson, Chuck Conners, Carolyn Jones and of course LeVar Burton, you cant help but be drawn into the story when watching on satellite TV in New York.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

George Washington's Mount Vernon Estate, Museum & Gardens - Part 2

Estate Highlights:

The Mansion Tour. - George Washington acquired Mt. Vernon in 1754. The mansion has been continously expanded to every detail of construction, design and decoration within 45 years even while he was away at war. 

One thing to take note before the tour : - NO photos are allowed inside the mansion. So, reserve your cameras for the outside photo shoots :).

Outbuildings. - Along the east-west axis lies pleasure grounds of gardens and natural vistas, while on the north and south lanes tells the story of plantation life. As you stroll along in this area, you get to see where slaves used to do their work on various buildings, - the laundry, the dirty kitchen, the place where they spin for wool and linen, the place where they cure and prepare meats, and many other jobs that constantly supply the services and goods necessary to keep a large plantation running.

Washington's Tomb. - On December 14, 1799, George Washington died in his bed chamber at Mt. Vernon. He was buried at Mt. Vernon according to his will. The entire tomb was completed in 1831 where his body along with the remains of his wife Martha and other family members were moved there. Tributes at the tomb usually takes place daily from April - October.

Slave Memorial & Burial Ground. - this site is marked by a memorial to honor the slaves who lived and worked at Mt. Vernon. The land was used as a cemetery for slaves who worked during the 18th century to the first half of 19th century. Over the years, the original grave markers have disappeared and identities of at least 75 people buried there remained unknown. Tours here are daily at 2pm starting at the Mansion circle from April - October.

Gardens. - The Upper Garden includes various types of flowers and trees with a French fleur-delis design, while the Lower Garden supplies fresh food products for the Mt. Vernon kitchen. The Lower Garden is also known as one of the most noteworthy Colonial Revival gardens in America.

Forest Trail. - In the 18th century, mostly half of the estate's 8,000 acres was native woodland. This is a quarter mile trail providing a glimpse of the wilderness that used to supply firewood and lumber. It was also used to be a source of entertainment for Washington and friends for fox hunting who are visitors of the estate.

Pioneer Farmer Site. - Washington thought of himself as a farmer inspite of being a President and Commander in Chief. He recognized inadequacies of the 18th century farming practices, thus he pioneered innovative methods which include crop rotation and fertilizer use. This 4-acre exhibition farm is just a 5-minute walk south of the Mansion, adjacent to the wharf. It also features a 16-sided barn of Washington's inventions and a reconstructed slave cabin.

Potomac River Waterfront and Wharf. - The wharf was built in the 19th century which was used to transport goods by boat to Alexandria from Washington's farming and fishing businesses. It was restored in 1991. Sightseeing cruises  for 40 minutes are available in this area seasonally. You can purchase tickets at Ford Orientation Center or aboard the boat.

George Washington's Whiskey Distillery & Gristmill. - This utilized innovative technologies that were cutting-edge in the 18th century. Today, visitors can witness the water-powered mill in action as it was before. This is located 3 miles from the estate on Route 235 South. Opens daily from April - October and tickets are available at the Ford Orientation Center and at the Grismill Shop.

Shopping & Dining:

There are shops located at the Mt. Vernon Inn Complex which included the largest collection and best George Washington bookstore in the world, a Christmas corner 12 months a year, plus huge selection of toys, games, gifts and reproductions.

The Lady Washington shop is in the historic area near the greenhouse which features china wares, needle works, food, garden items and a toy corner.

The Mt. Vernon Inn restaurant serves lunch daily and accepts reservations for candlelit dinners Monday-Saturday. The Inn has 6 intimate dining rooms designed with colonial charm with costumed servers and delicious early-American cuisine.

Another dining area would be the food court which offers quick and various variety of gourmet burgers and fries, fresh pastries, deli sandwiches and salads, pizzas, cookies and ice cream. It has a glass-enclosed pavilion and an open-air terrace as dining areas.

Monday, September 27, 2010

George Washington's Mount Vernon Estate, Museum & Gardens - Part 1

The Estate has nine (9) highlights worth visiting. Your visit to Mount Vernon begins at the Ford Orientation Center where an 18-minute action adventure film entitled "We Fight to be Free" is shown at Smith & Eagles Theaters. This film re-introduces the young heroic Washington.
Still in the center is a one-twelfth scale exact replica of the Mansion called "Mount Vernon in Miniature" which has 22 rooms that contain hundreds of tiny objects including oil paintings, china, books and more than 100 tables and chairs.
(replica at the back)
Next to it is the Donald Reynolds Museum & Education Center which depicts a memorable experience on George Washington's lifetime. The museum showcases all about Washington's world with a collection of comprehensive objects in a state-of-the-art facility. There are 23 galleries and theaters in the Education Center illuminating detailed stories of Washington's life and the accomplishments that made him first in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen.

(to be continued)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

An Unforgettable Caribbean Experience

Post contributed by Josue Durham

One of the most interesting places I ever visited was the twin island nation of Trinidad and Tobago. I first became aware of the islands while watching a travel show on directv channels. It was an amazing place. Trinidad is the larger of the two islands and is more cosmopolitan. In Trinidad I was introduced to a type of music called calypso. Calypso music has an up-tempo beat that made my friends and I and everyone around us want to dance and smile and enjoy ourselves.
Driving around Trinidad was great once I got used to driving on the other side of the road. Trinidad is a former British colony and they observed British rules of the road. I went to the bird sanctuary and the asphalt lake at La Brea, Fort George in St. James and the heart of the city, Port of Spain.
We took a late night boat to Tobago, the smaller island. It took us about two hours to get there. Tobago is a paradise island. The pace of life in Tobago is much slower than Trinidad. We visited Buccho Reef and experienced the Nylon Pool in our glass bottomed boat. I have never seen water so clear or fish with such weird color combinations. I'm going back next year. I was told is should try to be there for Carnival.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Washington National Cathedral (Part 4)

Washington D.C.

Lower Level (the Crypt): - The crypt is located down the stairs close to the Holy Spirit Chapel. The level is full of crypt chapels with the iconography dealing with the New Testament imagery and the promise of eternal life - Jesus birth, his death and entombment, and His resurrection.

29. Good Shepherd Chapel - this is the altar sculpture showing a shepherd holding a lamb, interpreting the role of God as protector especially to those who are injured or suffering.

30. Bethlehem Chapel - contains symbols and depictions of the genealogy and birth of Jesus.

31. Chapel of St. Joseph of Arimathea - this is located directly beneath the crossing. It depicts the story of Jesus' entombent following the crucifixion. The architectural style of this chapel together with the Resurrection Chapel are built in Romanesque style that features rounded arches.

32. Resurrection Chapel - this is the one decorated with colorful mosaics, reflecting the appearances of Jesus after His resurrection.

33. Cathedral Center for Prayer and Pilgrimage - meditation area to visitors.

34. Visitor's Lounge - visitors can take rests here and may sign state books as well.

35. Museum Store - visitors can shop for books, religious arts, etc.

The Cathedral Close
The grounds of the cathedral is called the "Close" and is 57 acres, including the cathedral, 3 schools, the offices of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington, and St. Alban's church.

There is a Bishop Garden that is medieval inspired garden that opens daily until dusk. Tours are offered at 10:30am from April-October every Wednesday.

At the base of the stone pilgrim steps is an equestrian statue of George Washington.

Information about guided and audio tours are available at the cathedral.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Safe Driving in Winter

Winter is the most challenging season to drive into, especially when winter storms come. Here are some safety tips as recommended by the Mid-Atlantic Foundation for Safety and Education;

Clear off snow and ice from your entire vehicle before departing.
Allow extra time to reach your destination.
Use main roads or arteries whenever possible.
Realize that traffic moves at a slower pace during inclement weather.
Avoid using cruise control in wet weather driving conditions.
Because stopping time increases on wet or icy surfaces, slow down and increase the distance between you and the vehicle infront of you.
If you are starting to skid, ease up on the accelerator, keep a firm grip on the wheel, and steer in the direction you want the front of the vehicle to go.
Switch headlights to low beam to avoid glare.
Use common sense. Ask yourself: Is the trip really necessary? Is my car ready for the trip? Am I mentally and physically prepared to make this trip?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Control Your Crowd!

Avoid stampedes! When it comes to your public guidance needs you need to establish crowd control at times particularly for big concerts, or anywhere that involves huge crowd gathering in the public. Camelback Displays has a lot to offer when it comes to security and traffic barricades.

Other existing ones such as stanchions and velvet rope are ideal for lesser crowds such as in conventions, or any other indoor purposes such as in hotels or banks, etc...used as public guidance.

Large variety of choices for security barricades can be seen at Camelback Displays online with reasonable prices, so keep looking on the products that are made of top quality materials. All your choices are worth your money.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Learning a New Language

Learning a language in school basically begins with the basic grammar. But if you are a traveler who wants to learn actual conversations in few months or even weeks would be a different approach.

Read a book. Buy a book that deals with basics of conversation and some materials that enable you  to hear and say the correct pronunciation. You tend to memorize a language more efficiently when you blend listening and imitating with reading and writing.

Spend between 30 minutes and an hour daily absorbing the language. If that seems overwhelming to you, don't worry, - it can be spent listening to a podcast on your way to work, reading over a topic in your book, or even watching a foreign film so you begin to hear the rythm and intonation of the words.

Start catching the phrases by memorizing formula expressions, like "hello", "how are you," etc... Next is to study some simple phrases that are related to your vacation. You don't need to worry about learning to construct complex sentences. Instead, memorize as many nouns and verbs as possible because they are easier to remember than grammar rules, and you can patch your vocabulary together to communicate.

Take a notebook with you on your trip and fill it with expressions and words you've learned, especially those you find usual. Dictionaries or phrase books are okay, but it may take time to find what are you looking for.

Try learning some slang such as when you're watching foreign movies or talking to a native, listen for the frequently used words, casual terms of phrase, and even expressions of frustration that may not be covered in your educational materials.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Jimmie Johnson Will Win #5

Jimmie Johnson Will Win #5

The Author of this post is Solomon Dejesus

Love him or hate him, Jimmie Johnson is one of the best drivers around and has been the best for a long time. His pit crew is lightening fast and helps him make up time in the pits. Chad Knaus is one of the best pit crew chiefs in NASCAR and helps keep Jimmie focused on the race at all times. Knaus is great at keeping Johnson level headed and relaxed during the race, especially after a big wreck happens.
When I watch NASCAR on my the satellite TV I got after viting, I always look for Johnson. If he is not in the front of the pack, then he is usually in the pits getting more gas and tires put on his car. When he gets wrecked, he recovers well and can usually get back up into the front of the pack, even if he is 25 to 30 spots behind the leader.
That is the great part about NASCAR racing, your driver is never out of the race until he drives it into the garage. I have watched Johnson come back from some really bad wrecks and still place in the top ten, which enabled him to get more points for the Sprint Race for the Cup. He will do it again this year because he is a great racer and has an awesome pit crew and chief.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Top 5 Free Things to Do in Atlantic City

Atlantic City is located on the historic New Jersey Beach, founded in 1854. It used to be a popular resort town before the first legal casino on the East coast which opened its doors in 1978.

  • Enjoy miles of free sandy beaches.
  • Stroll and window-shop on the boardwalk.
  • Visit the Absecon Lighthouse, the tallest lighthouse in New Jersey. if you want to go up of the lighthouse, a small fee is expected.
  • Watch the water show at the Pier Shops at Caesar's
  • Explore Atlantic City Historical Museum, located on Garden Pier.

Rearing mascots

Guest post written by Howard Reynolds
A lot of people don't realize that our family has been raising the rams that serve as the official mascots for the nearby university. We've had 10 rams serve as the mascot and it is definitely our family's legacy.
Last year one of our rams passed away so I had to train a new ran to walk out onto the football field and stay there teh whole game. Now rams are pretty stubborn so this is something that I really had to work on. While I was doing this I was also teaching my son how to do the same thing which made it even harder.
My son kept asking me questions and I misheard some of them so there wasn't good communication going on. Once I realized what was going on I knew I had to do something about my bad hearing and looked up miracle ear hearing aid prices.
I took a hearing test and figured out what I needed. I was glad that I did that because at the season opener I let him take over handling duties and I got to watch the game and not the ram for once.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Upgrade Your Sinks!

Granite sinks are the best option for your sinks because of their durability, plus they are completely stain and scratch resistant.A pretty granite sink adds color to your home, so it doesn't look boring. So, if you think your sink needs more colorful retouch, it's time to reconsider getting one from MR Direct.
Their Trugranite sinks come with colorful matches to any countertop; - black, brown, white and beige.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Washington National Cathedral (Part 3)

Washington D.C.

21. Kellogg Bay - the memorial for Frank B. Kellogg reflecting his ardent desire for universal peace. On the east wall is a Martin Luther King Jr's. carving preaching his last Sunday sermon from the cathedral's pulpit in March 31, 1968.

22. Humanitarian Bay - also known as the Boardman Bay.

23. White Bay - the window is themed with peace and universal unity, containing symbols of the League of Nations, the United Nations, people of the world in prayer, and peaceful uses of atomic energy.

24. Bettelheim Bay - the window symbolizes "America the Beautiful" with a brilliant color and abstract design.

25. The National Cathedral Association Bay - the windows reflect women's roles as Christian life givers, healers, purifiers and teachers. These were built by members of the NCA from all over the nation.

26. Dulin Bay - the windows are depicted with the 23rd psalm in vivid colors.

27. Frohman Bay - the memorial of Philip Hubert Frohman, the Cathedral's architect for more than 50 years. The window is dramatic, with abstract design utilizing an imaginative design of leading and small pieces of glass.

28. Abraham Lincoln Bay - the heroic bronze statue stands before words from Lincoln's farewell address at Springfield, Illinois. The floor is inset with Lincoln-head pennies; the window depicts in abstract form "the Agony of Civil War."

Thursday, September 9, 2010

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Washington National Cathedral (Part 2)


11. South Transept - notice the 3 rose windows that are linked by 3 sacred events connecting humanity with divine: - the Creation, the Last Judgement, and Life Everlasting. The rose window in the south transept is themed the "Church Triumphant", with imagery from the Biblical book of Revelation.

12. The Crossing - this is teh center of the two transept "arms" and the "body" of the long nave, forming a shape of the cross. The Canterbury pulpit has a sculpture depicting people and scenes relating to the translation of the Bible to English. The stones came from Canterbury Cathedral in England.
A crucifixion scene is high overhead on the road beam. "Road" is an old word which means cross or crucifix.

13. War Memorial Chapel - this site depicts stories of sacrifice and the struggle for freedom. This is a tribute to those who served the armed forces.

14. Children's Chapel - the site is where you can see a statue of the Christ Child that was built to the scale of a 6-yr. old child.

15. St. Johns' Chapel - the carvings reflect the Last Supper and the Crucifixion; the windows tell of the miracles of Jesus.

16. High Altar - is located at the last end of the cathedral nave. Surrounding the central figure of Christ in Majesty are 110 figures of men and women that exemplifies the highest ideals of Chrisitianity which completes the icnonographic story with the redemption of mankind through Jesus Christ. On the left is the bishop's chair, - the Glastonbury Cathedra.

17. St. Mary's Chapel - shows scenes from Mary's life, mother of Jesus. On the windows are the parables of Jesus. The story of David and Goliath is told on a 16th-century tapestries.

18. Holy Spirit Chapel - its altar panels were painted by N.C. Wyeth. In the iron gate and on the altar painting is the dove, - the symbol for the Holy Spirit. The chapel is reserved for quiet prayer.

19. North Transept - notice the oldest rose window titled "Last Judgement", - where Jesus Christ as judge is at the center. The window is a medieval stained glass done by Lawrence Saint, - a stained glass artist.

20. West Rose Window - from the mid-nave crossing on the west is the view of west rose window known as the "Creation Rose" that brings the creation story inside the cathedral with an abstract interpretation casting light throughout the nave.
This window including all of the Nave Clerestory are admired for their sparkle, clarity and brilliant color. The 18 clerestory windows reflects the progress of the Hebrew people as God prepared them for the coming of the Messiah.
The windows are meant to be viewed in pairs, so the south windows are linked to the facing north windows.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Andean Highlands in Ecuador

One of the most visited area of Ecuador is the Andes, - a breath taking, multi-hued mountain paradise jam-packed with cultural and natural diversity that would keep visitors coming back.

If you want to do the scenic trip, be sure to hop aboard the "Train of the Middle of the World". If you love urban adventures and mountain thrills, is is your place.

You'll get to see Quito's panoramic view - the world's first city to be declared a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site. Quito is an ideal place for hiking, mountain climbing, biking, rafting and kayaking.

In the southern part is another colonial city called Cuenca, - another UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site with its charming cobblestone streets and white washed red-tiled buildings, stately plazas and grand old churches.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Discount Vacation Packages in San Diego, CA

If you are planning for a well-deserved vacation, be sure it would be one that is worth it and full of fun. It should be much more worth it and well-cherished if you have to spend it with your loved ones, don't you agree?

Resort Vacation Packages in San Diego, CA might be the place for you, so you should check it out. It's hard to turn down an offer that is budget-friendly and yet you will be on a luxury lodging resort that has all the complete amenities you need. You should check the offered packages and you can get as low as $49.00 for two people, and take note; - you will be in a high end luxury resort villa with the complete amenities! Where else could you find such offer?

If you would instead prefer visiting specific attractions, they are close to Sea World, Legoland, San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park, Knott's Berry Farm and Soak City, Theater, Golf and dining packages.
Take note, all package attractions are pretty much affordable so you won't be hurting your wallet :).

Now, that's what you call total fun! It would be a once in a lifetime offer because you will be enjoying the complete amenities.

Ecuador's Galapagos Island

Galapagos is a famous, isolated archipelago comprising 13 major islands, and more than 100 smaller islands and islets.

The islands are blessed with pleasant weather all year round in addition to some of the most hauntingly beautiful land and seascapes to be found anywhere.

Galapagos is a National Park, a marine reserve and a Natural Heritage site as well, - a protected place that has some of the highest levels of endemism (those species found nowhere else on earth).

In some designated areas, you can dive and snorkel and see the impressive aquatic species of the coral reefs, one of the world's greatest diving adventures.

Other activities to do for fun are cruising from mid-range vessels to first-class yachts and luxury catamarans.

Friday, September 3, 2010

My Guest's Post ;)

Law & Order: Criminal Intent, One of the Best Legal Dramas

Thanks for the post from Sylvester Campbell

This is one of my favorite legal dramas that I watch frequently, via my tv satellite service. This show is edgy and interesting. Just as the title suggests the show is about the reasoning behind a criminal's actions as opposed to just the criminal act itself. This is an ingenious way to write a show as it gives the viewer a more complete sense of the story. The show breaks down what the crime is, why it was committed and how the detectives were able to outsmart the criminal and apprehend them. Great writing always has a beginning, middle, and end. This show is exemplary in that area. The show is set in New York City, which allow the stories to be more versatile. My favorite character combo is Detective Goren and Detective Eames. Goren can be outrageous, however his excellent reasoning skills allow him to accurately read a suspect and ultimately get a confession out of them. For the intelligent viewer it's always fun to watch a character outwit someone through brain power versus brawn. Eames' character is soft and yet still strong, creating a balance between the two. Their dynamic makes the characters and their interactions more believable. Of the many crime/legal dramas on TV today Law & Order: Criminal Intent tops the list with its intelligent writing and true to life characters.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Washington National Cathedral (Part 1)

Washington D.C.

The cathedral has two main levels; - the Main Level (the Nave) and the Lower Level (the Crypt).
The Main Level consists of 28 spots and landmarks you should check out while the Lower Level consists of 7 sites worth seeing at.

Main Level (the Nave):
  1. West Facade - the cathedral's iconographic story; - the mankind's creation to redemption starts here. All the arts here depicts themes of creation. If you notice the carved tympana above the 3 massive portals reflects the creation of day, the creation of mankind, and the creation of night. The 3 statues are Peter, Adam and Paul and the bronze gates shows scenes from the lines of Peter at the north portal, Abraham and Moses at the center portal and Paul Boldat the south portal.
  2. George Washington Bay - the heroic marble statue of the first president is a huge reflection in here. The windows abstract design reflects the search for freedom that led to the founding of our nation.
  3. Maryland Bay - carved in its stone and in its stained glass, it shows the rich symbols of the state and its diverse religious heritage. The land of D.C. (District of Columbia) was once part of Maryland.
  4. Folger Bay - the colorful windows depict the richness of the lands explored in the 1803 Lewis and Clark expedition to the American northwest.
  5. Glover Bay - on the windows reflect the event which commemorated the promotion of plans for building the cathedral in1891, led by a group of men.
  6. Warren Bay - this contains the symbols of law in memory of Charles Warren, lawyer and historian of the Supreme Court. Just above this is the Space Window that reflects the Apollo XI mission and holding a piece of moon rock brought back by its crew.
  7. Woodrow Wilson Bay - the colorful window is titled "War and Peace". The stone and glass enriched with myriad images symbolizes events in the life of the 28th president of the USA who is buried here.
  8. Lee-Jackson Bay - it contains the scenes from the lives of two civil war generals.
  9. Mellon Bay- is behind its wrought iron gate that may be used for private prayer. On the column capitals are carvings relating to Andrew W. Mellon.
  10. Baptistry - reflects symbols of artworks that represents baptism.
(to be continued on the next post)

Packing Business With DirectTV

LinkWho says televisions are only for homes and private rooms? Nowadays, every business establishments such as hotel lobbies, office waiting rooms, hospitals, clinics, or any other commercial buildings, TV's are on.
It's no doubt that televisions are everywhere especially to places where people can easily encounter boredom in the area such as in waiting rooms in private offices or other areas. Obviously, TV's are giving a lot of entertainment to many people, as well as valuable information and news, that would keep our mind busy and aware. Indeed, televisions are our windows to the outside world!

So when it comes to putting your TV on business, go direct with DirectTV! How about putting direct tv for hospitals? Hospital lobbies for example can become quite boring while you wait for your appointment. So, just imagine when there is something that would cheer you up aside from your talkative mother-in-law beside you...LOL!

I should say it's always a good idea to put direct tv for lobby areas. If you are a practically-minded business person, a boring lobby without any TV is definitely not good. In this manner, you would always want your lobby to set the tone for the day, don't you?

Did you know that DirectTV has made their business increased to 90%? Obviously, for one good reason that it's no. 1 in customer satisfaction! :). So, give your business a kick with DirectTV for business.

If you are interested to do business with Dish network as well, with regards to business video-on-demand, IP streaming, etc...visit for more information.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Coping With Mesothelioma

Surviving Mesothelioma is not as easy as you think, particularly if you are diagnosed to have one. Thank God for a person like Paul Kraus, who was diagnosed with Mesothelioma Cancer but outlived his prognosis of one year.

Paul Kraus is the author of the book "Surviving Mesothelioma: A Patient's Guide" which is of course free. From the experience of the author himself, this book is about his practical advices and all about the information a cancer patient needs to have in order to know more about what survival behavior is all about.

Mesothelioma is a form of cancer caused by exposure to asbestos. It's a rare type of cancer in which cells in the mesothelium become cancerous.

If you are newly diagnosed as a mesothelioma patient, your free copy is available online. The copies are limited, so get it before it runs out.