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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Winter Driving Tips

A few months more and winter will be here. So, here are some helpful tips to ease your winter journey:

Be sure you are well-familiarized with your vehicle. Be sure to adjust the morrors, and know how to operate the heater, defroster and wipers.

If weather is really bad, wait out. It's extremely difficult to drive on snow and ice-covered roads. Wait til roads are clear.

Be aware that stopping takes longer. A 16-feet truck requires up to 3 times more distance to stop on a slick road than on a dry road. Larger trucks require even greater stopping distances.

Clear your vehicle of snow and ice before you take to the road. Clear all mirrors, windows, headlights and tail lights. Remove any excess snow from the vehicles hood and roof.

Always know your blind spots.

Let antilock brakes do the job. There's no need to pump this multiple times, as is the case with brakes in older cars.

Watch your speed, and slow down on slick roads.

Be sure to pack your essential items such as drinks, snacks, blankets for warmth, - and more importantly a fully charged cell phone in the event that you will be stuck on weather delays. Get a good rest before you take to the highway.