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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Washington National Cathedral (The Visit)

Washington D.C.

This cathedral is famous due to its Gothic architectural style, built of Indiana limestone and considered to be the 6th largest church in the world. Its architecture has boss stones, ribbed vaulting, large windows with flying buttresses and uses pointed arches.
The architectural design is said to be unique because it is not copied from any other buildings. The building is cross-shaped with a long nave-a tenth of a mile-and two shorter transepts.

The art and architecture of the cathedral instruct and inspire through works in stained glass windows, stone, wrought iron, wood and fabrics. Those images and symbols of art reflections are designed to teach Christian beliefs, reveal the presence of God and pay tribute to our country's history and values.

From west to east of the cathedral is the story of redemption through faith.
The story of creation is reflected beginning at the west facade and west rose window, and this theme continues through clerestory windows, and ends with the sculpture of "Christ in Majesty" at the high altar.

The Pilgrim Observation Gallery can be accessible through elevators up for views over the city. Stairs lead down to the Cathedral store at the lower level. You can avail some food service at the store but limited.