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Friday, August 13, 2010

Is Your Best Interest Taken By Heart?

Basing on the title of my post, I am talking about the trend on getting your eye care done. Do you feel taken cared of by medical professionals responsible for it?
Considering the health care dilemma that most people are facing today, - most health seekers are resorting to more affordable services that can fit into their budget.
Perhaps, many of you have heard about ZenniOptical; - an online store that offers affordable yet very high quality eyeglasses to customers who are in need.
But what happens when eye care professionals like opticians who usually gives PD (pupillary distance) for eyeglass fitment can be cold and/or harsh and choose not to do it because of some reasons only them would know?
If Zenni Optical doesn't do PD and thus relies to opticians (or whomever are allowed to do PD procedures) who don't want to do it because maybe some would feel they are being robbed of their entire responsibility from their professions, or think they hate competitions, I think that would be unfair!
In every case where companies and professionals offer health services in various settings and methods should be healthy professionals that should respect and recognize the idea of healthy competitions in the world of health, - financially or professionally wise.
Professionals who are licensed or allowed to do PD for health seekers who need one don't have any reason why they should not do it. Whether they charge a fee or free of charge, I think it should be no big deal. There are company rules to be followed, and let's stick to that.
Health seekers and medical professionals should have a mutual agreement and balance understanding on what the rules and policies are to be followed because health seekers would ultimately takes his decision in the end.