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Friday, August 6, 2010

From big city to small town living

Guest post written by Lucas Granger

When I left Manhattan for a quiet town in Indiana that I thought would be my little writer’s haven, I was used to being able to walk and see or buy anything that I wanted at any time of the day or night. However, I learned pretty quickly that that definitely wouldn’t be the case here in my new (perhaps temporary) home.

A few weeks after my arrival, I started getting more than a few day’s worth of groceries since I had the luxury of driving a car to the grocery store now. But one thing I did suffer from was the inability to pick up others’ wireless signals. I thought that this would do at least until I got settled into my new place and got around to getting an internet connection.

But I almost immediately ordered the first dial-up internet service available before switching over to wildblue satellite in Indiana out of frustration. I couldn’t believe how my satellite internet compared to dial-up and was able to correspond with my editors and agent at the speed I was accustomed to again.