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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

ECUADOR - Life at its Purest!

Did you know that one in ten known species in the world is found in the Ecuadorian Amazon? It's because its Amazon region is lovingly preserved thus, unforgettably beautiful.

Its Amazon region has 6 provinces divided into two; - Upper Amazon and Lower Amazon.

Ecuador provides the richest and easiest access to the magnificent tropical rain forest of the Amazon in all South America.

Due to its huge protected areas of the rain forest, indigenous ethnic tribes exist and still observe their original traditions and distinct customs. But visitors are still made to feel at home whether they mingle with the tribe people or relaxing in the comfort of five-star hotels or lodgings.


Unknown said...

Puyopungo, on the east side of the Amazonas, has native quichua tribes that still keep their language and traditions. More information at: