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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What To Wear When Touring Safari

Are you ready on your safari tour?
You must know what colors are to avoid. Red colors are hated by lions; military fatigues look fraudulent; avoid hair gels, perfumes or aftershaves as they are bothersome to animals; and avoid shiny baubles as it might catch a leopard's roving eye.

Take concern on luggage weight you might be carrying. Hippo Creek Safaris for example, limits luggage to 35 lbs., while Premier Tours camping safaris allow only 26 lbs.

What to pack:
  • a Kelty duffle (measures 30 inches, but weighs 1 lb.) that has basic pieces that are both snappy and sound;
  • a Polartec fleece and long pants for chilly mornings, pair of khaki pants or shorts for men, and a tank top to layer under a linen button-down, for women.
  • Teva sandals is ideal for a stroll through African bushes so heavy hiking boots are not really needed.
  • Black slacks, driving shoes, a trusty linen button-down, and a silver necklace or scarf is recommended. No skirts as there are many malaria-carrying mosquitoes around at night.
Have fun!