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Friday, July 2, 2010

Tour the Bahamas!

This is one of my target for a future trip ;). Of course, when we say Bahamas, obviously it is cruising on the sea. Not a surprise because it's the only best way to see much of Bahamas.
They say yachting is a great thing to do there by which 3 cruising grounds are many's favorites.

The Abacos Islands: It's protected from the Atlantic with barrier of cays with calm waters. The best way to see it would be to charter boats. Marsh Harbour is functional which offers sailboats with or without captains and crew. One day rentals can go as much as $350 - $630.

The Berry Islands: This island has 30 sq. miles, an ideal place to hunt mahi-mahi and bonefish. Start your adventure from Great Harbour Cay at the main island which has a large port and a small airport. As usual, the only best way to explore the island is through boat rentals in which many boat rentals company offer them at the island. Don't miss visiting Hoffman's Cay where daredevils leap 20 ft. into a deep blue swimming hole. You can as well enter the water through steps down to a striated grotto.

The Exuma Islands: - is composed of hundred of small islands with 120-mile length. There is a 10-mile long port called Elizabeth Harbour in which most yachts stop there. You might want to sign up for full day tours as well with Exuma Cays Adventure. Then, be sure to stop by to visit Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park which is 176 sq. miles of pristine ocean, reef and cays at the top of the chain.

Have fun! :)