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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Steps to Successful Villa Rental

Picking the right vacation house can be more complicated than ever. It can mean hassles or ending up in a place you never wanted to. Want to know some tips to help you ensure your villa vacation would be smooth and hassle-free from start to end? The following below might help:

First, know what to expect. There can be down sides to making yourself at home such as doing the dishes yourself or changing light bulbs can be part of it, even for high-end properties.

Second, travel with like-minded friends. Although travelling with companions is fun, unexpected issues can still arise. An example would be doing the bedroom selection in advance. Establishing some strategies might help such as picking numbers from a hat; apply different price points to different rooms, or yield to the person who books the villa.

Third, book early, or last minute. Villa rental companies would mostly prefer locking your dates 10-14 months ahead of time, but at times booking until the last minute can be beneficial as well.

Fourth, call upon the expert. You'll probably likely to have a smoother stay when you go through an established agency rather than finding rentals advertised through craigslist, urbo dot com, or a local newspaper. Determine whether a rental agency is of highest quality by looking at the size of the agency (smaller is better because they can take care of you personally), look at the quality of properties listed and the lenght of the company in service.

Fifth, ask the obvious questions. Common inquiries such as does the villa come with sheets and towels, is it childproofed? is it quiet? Are the owners around or not? etc...

Next, get everything in writing. Agreement or contracts can have hidden costs, - taxes, departure fees, heating and AC charges, etc. Make sure you read the policy contracts and make sure that there should be an explanation what happens when things really go wrong.

And finally, buy travel insurance. This would help you when certain medical emergencies or unforeseen conflicts suddenly come along the'll never know!