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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Newseum Experience

February 27, 2010 - Newseum, Washington D.C.

They say it's the most interactive museum in the world, Newseum is located along Pennsylvania Avenue with 14 major galleries and 15 theaters that will immerse you with the world's greatest news stories.
Newseum has everything for you to see with its 6 levels. Huge!...and lots of exhibits about all kinds of media in the world of news.
Right at the entrance is where you would get the day's headlines. Inside the museum, you'll see photo galleries, theaters where you get to watch various documentaries, a 3D theater, the interactive newsroom, digital news, big screen theaters, special exhibits and more.
Once you reach the top level, you can proceed out to the terrace and take in a majestic view of the Capitol.
Of course, if boredom starts to set in, I suggest you go to level 2 - the interactive newsroom. Don't you know that in here, you can be a TV reporter? Try the fun :).

Have fun news tripping! :)