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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Family-Friendly Vacation to Bahamas

Bahamas is ideal for various types of family-vacation. Depending on what type of family you belong, you can still enjoy the Bahamas.

For the sporty family: - If you and the group enjoys swimming, playing outdoors, or anything that works up a sweat, go hit the Small Hope Bay Lodge at Andro's This resort is hidden in acres of Andros pine and mangroves. They say this resort is a world-class diving destination, and ideal for kids to do their scuba diving. Cottages are made up of simple, coral rocks anchored by a lodge with batik-covered daybeds, and with a bar inspiringly designed from the hull of an old sailboat...take note! They have no phones or TV. But you won't get bored because of many activities such as kayaking, snorkeling, nature trails, diving and shelling.

For the laid back family: - You would love Hope town on Elbow Cay, a small island which will be a short ferry ride from Great Abaco. You can book at Hope Town Harbour Lodge; ferry will drop you off right at the hotel's pier. The place can be best explored on foot or bike and is closed to motor vehicles, so kids can run freely. Hit the Harbour's Edge at night where kids can scarf down conch fritters before going off for a board game fun, while adults can watch the beautiful sunset.

For the multi-generational family: The teens, your sister and her toddler, your grandma tagging along...etc. The group's perfect place will be Grand Bahama. The beach side is dominated by Our Lucaya complex, with 2 resorts, 4 pools and 13 restaurants linked by paths. Older generations can be booked at Reef Village which has their own private beach. Our Lucaya is a bit Disney-like, great for kids and teens. You can try booking at Pelican Bay Hotel at the marinaside if you love reading and movies. Try day trip tours to explore the island more with Grand Bahama Nature Tours.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

National Museum of Crime & Punishment

February 26, 2010
The trip going to the museum was 5 minutes but took us 15 minutes to find a public parking.
Just a reminder: If you are visiting DC during weekdays, better yet board the Metro. If it's a trip to see attractions, plan your itinerary. Most of the tourist sites are close to each other and in walking distances. So, boarding the train should be lesser hassles.

There are 3 floors inside the museum with more than 100 interactive exhibits. There are tons of artifact displays as well. If you're an avid CSI fan, this museum is a must see.
There are 5 main galleries you will see as you go through.
  • A Notorious History of Crime - here, you will be taken back to historical crimes during the medieval times up to the present modern crimes. Interactive exhibits are available in this area. You might wanna try testing your Wild West shooting skills, as what I did :).

  • Punishment: The Consequence of Crime - No matter how you do it, crime doesn't pay! What you'll about to see in this area is a full-scale model police station. Here, you can try interactive exhibits such as doing fingerprints, police line up and lie detector test. Take the challenge.
  • Crime Fighting - witness and discover about the training of law enforcement heroes, their technology and equipment they use to keep you safe. Try the simulators, - an FBI shooting range and a try ride on a high-speed police motorcycle ;).

  • CSI Experience - watch out CSI fans!..this would be your area. Learn all about forensic science techniques in solving a crime.
  • America's Most Wanted Studio - this level is the actual TV set of "America's Most Wanted" hosted by John Walsh. it's fun trying the interactives like "Profiled by John Walsh." Here, you can see a video of John Walsh profiling you as a fugitive through green-screen technology. Don't worry, it's just a spoof! :). Then, challenge yourself with the fingerprint cross matching at the Cross Match Technologies station.
It was all but fun, fun, fun!!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Washington DC Experience

February 25-27, 2010
I was able to find a good hotel close to the Philippine embassy in Washington DC online. We had an early reservation a week ahead so we just drove there Thursday night (Feb. 25) since it was only an hour drive.
Rush hours are really the bad thing in DC. We were caught up in the midst of it, but we managed to get to the hotel on time.
The hotel was a few meters walking distance to the Philippine embassy, the main purpose why we set up this transaction. (passport renewal).

Thank God, I was done after less than an hour, so we went back to the hotel and set up our visiting itineraries for the day :).