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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Vacation Getaways Are Not Created Equal

Well, the title speaks for itself. But there are ways where you can enjoy it the most :).
  • A week is all you need. It completely restores you back to your full energy. A longer trip duration is better.
  • Minimize time zone travels. Avoid jet lags as these are forms of stress. If you prefer a far place for refreshing, travel north or south to avoid painful reentry.
  • Maximize your free time. Activities such as meeting friends, checking emails, calling the office or family reduce curative effects of travel. A freedom from an obligation is a key to a healthy holiday.
  • Choose a resort or cruise rather than a remote cabin in the woods. We need some time to be alone, but new acquaintances has been known to increase the restorative power of a vacation.
  • Get off your beach chair. It's more rejuvenating to mix relaxation and rest with moderate amount of physical activities such as walking tours or light exercises.
  • Keep it warm and light. Generally, studies confirm that staying in a sunny destination provides more health benefits than staying in one that has shorter days.
There you, you got the idea on how to get that much well-deserved looooong vacation of yours ;). have fun!