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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Dress Code Etiquettes Around The World - (Part 6)


PAKISTAN: Anything can be worn to private parties. Many women wear body-hugging Herve' Leger dresses with strappy stilletos, white men prefer T-shirts and Gucci loafers. Women accessorize themselves with gold bangles and large earrings, and glittery nose studs. Make up is heavy and heavy kohl is worn around the eyes.

SINGAPORE: For women at house parties, a Marni dress with Giuseppe Zanotti sandals are preferred. Brands are famous for upper-class people. Men wear designer jeans.

FRANCE: Overdressing is okay for a normal night out, but if it's black-tie, men should wear business suits sans ties, while women wear cocktail dresses. A normal night out for women should be simple like just silky and black.

GERMANY: Both sexes wear bias-cut patterns inspired by Henrik Vibskov's. Women can wear eclectic twist with Buddy Holly glasses and colored tights at a hipster shindig.

GREECE: Jewelries are the topmost priority with clothes only secondary. Skirts are tailored at mid-thigh under fitted jackets. Men wear starched shirts paired with dark pants. No baseball caps, no Birkenstocks and no billowy fake-hippie skirts, please!

ITALY: Women always love to wear Dolce & Gabanna dress and heels, while men wear navy suit jackets with blue shirts buttoned all the way up. Famous brands are big, so think of those Italian signatures ;).

RUSSIA: Women are with stilletos with local fave Stella McCartney brand. Armani cologne are common.

TURKEY: Chic women wear florals preferrably by Matthew Williamson. Hair is usually pulled back. Men wear open shirts under light jackets with dark pants. Long rain coat is NOT recommended even if it's pouring outside, otherwise you might be mistaken as a conservative Islamist.

UK: Wellies are more on a country wear, and take them off if you're indoors.