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Friday, March 19, 2010

Dress Code Etiquettes Around The World - (Part 5)

When you're at a party:

DUBAI: Go glam to the gills! Men wear Y3 trainers and tailored blazers over graphic tees. Wear clean socks if you're going to a local's house. You'll leave your shoes at the door.

EGYPT: Men wear full suits although some wear smart shirts and slacks. Women wear shoulder-covered black sheath which is considered to be safe and sophisticated. 90% of Egyptian women cover their heads but tourists aren't required to do so.

IRAN: You can wear anything under your outer cloak. The youth show off their jeans and strappy stilettos on a friend's informal gatherings. Adults wear elegant suits under their cloaks.

ISRAEL: Wear jeans and nice tops for secular celebrations, but cover your elbows and below the knees for religious ceremonies and weddings.

JORDAN: Men wear suits like navy colors at night and gray at day time with a light colored silk tie. Women wear signature haute new tone like Dior and Elie Saab for evening party. Women usually should cover their shoulders and legs when out in Amman. Trendy women can show a little more skin as long as head is covered.

LEBANON: Anything goes in night clubs but flowing gowns from local designers are preferred in fancier parties. Women wear over-the-top accessories, bright scarves, gold bangles, glittery clutches and neon satchels.

MOROCCO: Preferred are hand-piped tunics, bright floor-length djellabas and elaborate caftans. French expats wear chic little black dress covered up with a light cotton shawl.

SYRIA: Women love to wear LBP (little black dress) or a curvy suit by Chanel or Valentino, a style inspired by the country's first lady, while men can chose to wear a perfectly pressed two-button wool ensemble.

CHINA: Monochromatic palette exaggerated styles and silhouettes are hot to wear.

INDIA: Women wear sleek knee-length silk tunics with side slits and legging-like pants worn bunched at the ankles. Jewelries are usually made to order and no one buys off the shelf. Men wear short-sleeved button-downs, slacks and loafers.

INDONESIA: Men prefer to wear jeans and loafers. Cotton doesn't look formal to wear at night. Many wear synthetics in vibrant prints. No naked bathing in rural areas no matter how private the river feels.

(to be continued)