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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dress Code Etiquettes Around The World - (Part 4)

JAPAN: Women wear heels, make up and dose of frills, while men must be clean shaven and spend time on their hair.

PAKISTAN: No shorts, tank tops or above-the knee skirts. Recommended are loose jeans and tunic-like top (should reach the upper thigh) during the day, layered with bright embroidered scarf for women. In the south, men and women wear vibrant colors and breezy cotton layers while in the northern part, they wear heavier darker colors.

SINGAPORE: Those in their 20's - 30's wear tank tops, hot pants (board shorts for men) and flip-flops.

FRANCE: No bright colors, - cream, navy, gray and brown are preferred. Keep things simple, neutral and classic rather than trendy. Avoid walking shorts, sport sandals, pleated chinos, golf attire, baseball caps, sneakers, T-shirts and sexy clothes.

GERMANY: The cool weather's ideal wear is a coat with asymmetrical zipper or bat-sleeved and made of wool (for stylish designs). Germans can be fashionable to definitively frumpy. Their sack dresses are paired with edgy haircuts and bold jewelries.

GREECE: Women wear nice tees, linen trousers, sweaters tied around shoulders and over-sized shades. Men wear Mr. Onassis-inspired Ralph Lauren shirts and jeans, -while sleeves are rolled to the elbow.

ITALY: Youths wear Dolce & Gabanna tops and Diesel jeans and sport slim three-pc suits, matched with the right hat or narrow knit tie are worn by sophisticates.

RUSSIA: Winter styles are tights and fur coats. Men wear signature tops like Armani, Versace, Dolce paired with acid- washed Italian jeans. Sneakers are not recommended.

TURKEY: Men and women do wear designer jeans, Tod's loafers and ironed high-end T-shirts. No shorts.

UK: Women wear high-low mix of Top shop and Temperley. Men wear peg-leg trousers in primary colors with plaid shirts or tees. Chinos and polos are not recommended.